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Commercial Trading Services Applied Practice Course

Licensees who plan to specialize in commercial real estate are encouraged to take this course in place of the Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course.

The Commercial Trading Services Applied Practice Course is a requirement of licensing for all new licensees and is designed to provide practical training in real estate to new licensees which, together with the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course, will enable them to confidently and effectively serve the public's real estate needs in a professional manner.

BCREA administers the course on behalf of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC). The course is offered in Vancouver only by instructors who are experienced real estate professionals and trained in instructional methods.

Click here for a schedule of available courses.

  1. When can I register?

  2. How and where is the course offered?

  3. What is the course fee?

  4. What if I miss part of the course?

  5. Can I cancel my course registration?

  6. Can I transfer to a different course?

  7. What if I choose to focus on residential sales in Component Three?

  8. Is there an accelerated course?

  9. How do I register?

  10. Who can I contact with questions?

  11. How will my registration information be managed?

  12. Does Component 4 have an online component and a classroom session?

  13. Do I have to register for Component 4?

  14. When does the online component of Component 4 start and end?

  15. Will I have to do Component 3 and Component 4 at the same time?

  16. How long does the online component of Component 4 take?

  17. If I do not complete the online component, can I still attend the classroom session?

BCREA reserves the right to amend course schedules, course availability, fees, content, policies, manual and other reference materials without notice at its sole and absolute discretion. Students may be required at any time to incur expenses such as travel and accommodation expenses in relation to the course, whether the course schedule is amended or not, and those expenses shall be the sole responsibility of the student.