Green Tool Kit for REALTORS
Green Tool Kit for REALTORS
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Welcome to the Green Tool Kit for REALTORS®

This information is intended as a foundation of information, references and links as a set of tools to help you learn more about the environmental and sustainability perspective of real estate as it relates to clients, product and the profession.

The “Green” in Green Tool Kit for REALTORS® refers to the popular way to the popular way of describing “environmental friendliness” and the social responsibility associated with it.

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Green Tool Kit for REALTORS®

Environmental issues are a growing concern and a high ranking priority among Canadians. With this growing shift in how resources and property are perceived and valued, real estate professionals—as communicators and trusted advisors—have an opportunity to add value to their services by being aware of the environmental and sustainability issues related to housing, community, and lifestyle and providing access to relevant resources.

This information mirrors the third principle of the BC Real Estate Association’s Quality of Life philosophy, preserving the environment. REALTORS® recognize one of the most important elements of our Quality of Life is the environment: clean air and water, parks and open space.

This project was compiled as a collaboration between BCREA and the Greener Realty Association, made possible with funding from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia.

Please send your suggestions and comments to [email protected].