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Power Smart Articles

Since late 2007, BC Hydro’s Power Smart program has provided the British Columbia Real Estate Association with articles related to improving energy efficiency. Power Smart has generously agreed to allow those articles to be reproduced on this website.

About BC Hydro Power Smart
Over the years, Power Smart has become a household name, but many British Columbians don’t know Power Smart's legacy stretches back over two decades.

In 1989 the province experienced an increase in electricity demand and a limited supply of electricity. This led to the launch of Power Smart, which encompassed several programs across all market sectors. By the mid-1990s the Power Smart brand enjoyed a 95 per cent public awareness level and strong public support.

Today, BC Hydro customers participate in Power Smart programs. Through education, incentives and changes in construction standards and regulations, Power Smart has taken a leadership role in creating a more energy-efficient province, while saving customers money and helping the environment.

To learn more about Power Smart rebates, energy tracking tools and tips to help you save energy and money visit www.bchydro.com/powersmart.