Introduce Your Clients to ENERGY STAR® Qualified New Homes and Sell More
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Introduce Your Clients to ENERGY STAR® Qualified New Homes and Sell More

Article generously provided by BC Hydro Power Smart

BC REALTORS® understand that every year a greater number of homebuyers are looking for homes that meet better building standards, use less energy, and are more comfortable to live in. Kelvin Mooney, owner of British Columbia Timberframe Company, is dedicated to building houses that buyers want to live in for a lifetime. “By using the very best materials, we construct homes that are above code, and that are built to last,” said Mooney. “We want our houses to be comfortable, healthy, and less expensive to operate. We are proud of what we build.”

PowerSmart1-03-2015BC Timberframe was the first to build an ENERGY STAR® qualified new home in the Sea-to-Sky corridor, along highway 99 from Horseshoe Bay to Pemberton Valley. The energy modeling and final testing of the home was completed by Luke Dolan, a Certified Energy Advisor with Capital Home Energy, to ensure that the home met the stringent energy efficiency standards necessary to qualify as an ENERGY STAR® rated home.

“We tape all the seams in our wood fiberboard panels, which makes them extremely well-sealed. This eliminates air-leaks and drafts, saving homeowners money year after year,” explained Mooney. “The heat recovery ventilator (HRV) that we place in our homes brings in fresh air every three hours. This ensures that the home is healthier to live in. In addition, our homes use efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy, and reduce humidity.”


These ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes are designed to use up to 20 per cent less energy than comparable homes built to today’s building code. They construct homes that have extremely tight building envelopes, which reduce air leakages. To balance the air tightness of the home, fresh air is supplied to these homes constantly through the HRV, an ENERGY STAR® for New Home requirement. HRVs move the warm, stale air out, and draws fresh cool air in, which is warmed as the two pass through the heat exchanger. These ENERGY STAR® qualified homes also use a variety of ENERGY STAR® products, which use less electricity by meeting strict technical specifications.

PowerSmart1-03-2015“Since I have been living in an ENERGY STAR® qualified new home, I have noticed that our energy costs are lower, and the house is extremely comfortable to live in. The temperature is constant as it doesn’t fluctuate with breezes, and from season to season. I no longer need to sleep with any windows open because the HRV filters the air, constantly ensuring that I always get a great night’s sleep. The ENERGY STAR® windows also reduce outside noise,” stated Mooney.

“We build homes based on passive principles, which is a very involved process. We work with engineers, designers and architects trained in building homes requiring very little energy for heating. Our environmentally-friendly wood fiberboard wall and ceiling panels absorb the direct sunlight for nine hours before releasing heat into the home. This process allows for a ‘heat sink’ in the summer and ‘thermal break’ in the winter, which considerably reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home.”

As a REALTOR®, consider introducing your homebuyers to ENERGY STAR® qualified homes this spring. Reinforce to your clients the peace of mind, and a great night’s sleep they could have knowing that they live in a home that is energy efficient, healthy, and more comfortable to live in. Happy clients refer more business!

If you would like to schedule a tour of BC Timberframe’s show home, which is currently on the market for sale, contact Kelvin Mooney at [email protected], or 604.892.1088.

Visit for more information on ENERGY STAR® qualified homes.

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Typical features of an ENERGY STAR® qualified home include:

  • A heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) that ensures your home has controlled ventilation,
  • Controlled air leakage to increase comfort and reduce energy bills,
  • High-performance ENERGY STAR® windows, patio doors, and skylights keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer,
  • A variety of ENERGY STAR® products, which use less electricity by meeting strict technical specifications,
  • Efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy, reduce indoor humidity and improve the overall comfort of your home.