Jane Purdie

Jane PurdieJane Purdie, B. Comm., LL.B

Jane Purdie graduated from the University of Manitoba Law school after she obtained a B.A. (Economics English) from the University of Saskatchewan. She practiced law in Manitoba for several years and then she moved to BC where she has been practicing law since 1980. Jane was appointed Queens Counsel in 1992. She was also the chair of the provincial real estate contract standardization committee, as well as Jane was a member of the Standard Forms committee for 10 years.

Jane has been an elected member of the Canadian Bar Association provincial Bar Council and is now past Chair of the CBA National Elder Law section. Jane has taught various courses or seminars on a variety of topics such as: mortgages and foreclosures, advanced real estate issues, real estate ethics, wills, estates and family issues. Jane is currently a PDP instructor.

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