Managing Disclosures
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Managing Disclosures

6 PDP Credits – 3/4 day

Proper disclosure and effective transaction management is fundamental to a licensee's daily real estate activities. Ongoing legislative changes, technical advances, and greater consumer awareness have all had an impact on the requirement to disclose. Serious penalties including fines, licence suspensions, and lawsuits for negligence, await those licensees who fail to provide full and proper disclosure when required to do so.

This course emphasizes practical hands-on scenarios along with a stronger awareness of identifying potential loopholes and how to mitigate. It talks about the importance of talking to colleagues and checking with managing brokers for feedback and guidance. This course also emphasizes the importance of developing analytical skills along with the opportunities to recognize the lack of knowledge/personal limitations and how to mitigate. It also reviews what can be done as part of the REALTOR®'s fiduciary duties to avoid difficult disclosure risks.

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • explain the benefits and risks of full and proper disclosure;
  • list the fiduciary duties associated with disclosure;
  • explain how these duties affect a REALTOR®'s conduct; and
  • demonstrate how to mitigate risk through disclosure.


Contact your local member board for course availability and registration.