Strata Fundamentals – Part 1
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Strata Fundamentals – Part 1

6 PDP credits – Full Day

Sales indicate that more people are buying strata properties than ever before, and that first time buyers are heavily represented in the strata market. Strata refers to properly subdivided into individual units (strata lots) and common property. Each strata lot is a separate parcel of land, with its own legal description and its own title. It can be sold or transferred independently of the other lots in the strata corporation. This means, whether or not you choose to specialize in strata properties, you will most likely represent at least one client – and possibly more – in a strata transaction at some point in your career.

This course is about understanding the complexities associated with the sale or purchase of strata properties in order to provide your clients with accurate information that they will need to make informed decisions.

Takeaways from this course:

  • A better understanding of strata and what potential clients, and/or customers really need to know to appreciate its benefits.
  • An improved ability to anticipate the common challenges of working with strata-titled properties.
  • An improved ability to identify and document red flags in strata documents.
  • A better understanding of how to convey strata issues to your clients, and how to reduce the risk in strata transactions.
  • A better understanding of your role as a REALTOR® in the strata transaction.


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