Strata Fundamentals – Part 2
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Strata Fundamentals – Part 2

6 PDP credits – Full Day

To build on the fundamental knowledge of the Strata Fundamentals – Part 1 course, Part 2 further enhances the REALTOR®'s ability to understand all of the components of the strata corporation that a potential buyer is thinking about buying into and identifying strategies to mitigate risk.

This course will provide more interaction with strata documents and client profiles by working with a fictitious strata corporation, "The Hills," to determine what conflicts may arise, and how best to apply risk management strategies.

Takeaways from this course:

  • A stronger recognition of the risks involved when comparing the physical property, the MLS® Data Sheet and the strata plan.
  • A sharper awareness of the red flags in the documents of case example of "The Hills" strata corporation.
  • The ability to identify advantages and disadvantages that living in the strata corporation "The Hills" will have on different client profiles and recommendations on what these clients should do to minimize risk.
  • A comprehensive professional toolkit with relevant forms and web links, plus some additional tools to help further understand and explain strata living.


Contact your local member board for course availability and registration.