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Youth Leadership Network - Events
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The Youth Leadership Network will be hosting four events in 2016.

These events will be hosted in a different location each time around the province and from there will be broadcast to your member board. Therefore you can take advantage of the high caliber of speakers to be offered as well as a networking event with other young, local REALTORS®.

BCREA hopes these events will give young REALTORS® a chance to become engaged in leadership and governance, to take advantage of mentorship and learning opportunities and to develop an interest in getting involved in ORE.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available, so be sure to check back regularly.


November 17 - Leadership Development: Better Leaders through Brain Science

Lori Benning

Join us from 3pm-4.30pm to experience the latest development's in Leadership training. Participants will perform a short Leadership Assessment and will receive a report on their specific leadership tendencies. Lori Benning's engaging presentation will then focus on how brain science helps us to understand leadership and the specific leadership attributes of the leaders and their followers. She will help us understand what the findings mean, how to use this information to become better leaders and how to better understand and be successful with other leaders in a variety of situations. Following the presentation, from 4.30pm-5pm, join your fellow young, local REALTORS® for canapés. For those in Nanaimo, please join us for dinner to meet some of the local Directors.
Lori, manager of a leadership development team in a complex organization, creates an environment for learning that fosters possibility and potential through use of meaningful content and questions.  The venue may be coaching, facilitation, or strategic development, the focus may be for individuals, relationships and/or organizations.  The outcome is the application of knowledge that creates more effective and powerful relationships, projects, and/or strategies. 

Have your own event idea?

BCREA would like to encourage young REALTORS® to organize Youth Leadership Network meet-ups in their respective communities to complement YLN planned programming. BCREA will provide financial support of up to $200 for meet-ups that further the goals of the YLN.

Some example meet-ups could be:
- Arrange a meeting with local young REALTORS® in a coffee shop to discuss an article on Leadership or Governance.
- Arrange an Ask Me Anything with a distinguished leader and a group of young REALTORS® in your area over wine and cheese.
- Arrange a networking event or community outreach initiative with a group of young REALTORS®

Download the application form and submit it via email to: [email protected]

Past Events

April 6 - From Cocktails to Cashflows: Building Business Through Networking

Carla Wood, AllStrategy

Join us from 3pm-4pm to hear Carla Wood’s engaging presentation on how bettering your networking skills can lead to success. After the speaker, we invite you to enjoy drinks and canapes and practice those new networking skills with your fellow young, local REALTORS®. 
This event was a great success. Young REALTORS® from across the province got to hear perspectives and insights from an amazing speaker and successful entrepreneur. Feedback from attendees was the event was informative, would help them to better develop or grow their business and a fun opportunity to meet other young REALTORS®! 

May 10 – Sunpeaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre

Join us for a full day of insightful sessions on Leadership, Community involvements and Networking at the YLN Day at the BCREA Leadership Conference in Sunpeaks. The event will be held from 10:30am to 7pm and will include a combination of speakers, panelists and discussions on key topics of interest to successful young REALTORS®. You will also be invited to stay longer and join the BCREA Leadership Conference from May 11-12th if your schedule permits. Check out the YLN Day website for more details

BCREA will be sponsoring a number of young REALTORS® to attend this event. To be considered for sponsorship, email Corinne Caldwell at BCREA at [email protected] Be sure to include a brief explanation of why you would like to attend the event and how you think this will benefit you in the future by April 18th.

We hope to see you there!

This event was a great success.  Young REALTORS® from across the province enjoyed the great insights shared with many seeing a direct link they could incorporate into their business right away!

October 3 - Grow Your Business & Become a Leader

Wade Webb

Join us from 4pm-5pm to hear Wade Webb's engaging presentation on how to further grow your business to increase your professional success while allowing your take on more of a leadership role within your communities. Following the presentation, from 5pm-6pm, join your fellow young, local REALTORS® for canapés.

Wade Webb is a REALTOR from Royal LePage Kelowna. He has been honing his Real Estate skills for the past 20 years and is an award winning REALTOR salesman, real estate broker, manager, coach and trainer. Over the years Wade and his team have put together "field tested" and proven systems in real estate sales, marketing, client acquisition, lead generating, branding, open house systems, for sale by owner systems, negotiating systems and much more. His passion is Real Estate sales and REALTOR coaching by passing on his years of knowledge and experience as a way of giving back to the industry and those around him. 

This event was a great success.  A full day of learning practical ways to be more successful, developing leadership skills, learning about organized real estate and networking with Young REALTORS® from across the province .