BCREA's Legal Defense Reserve

Jan 16, 2019



Keeping up with the times to support BC REALTORS®

Did you know the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) recently increased its legal defense reserve from $35,000 to $50,000? Piggy bank and gavel The increase reflects recognition of the greater risks to business practices as a result of Rule changes, new legislation on taxation, the legalization of marijuana and amplified concerns about money laundering in real estate.

Things happen – why the legal defense reserve exists for REALTORS®
The real estate marketplace is a dynamic, demanding environment, and sometimes an individual REALTOR® may experience legal challenges that could negatively impact the sector as a whole. That's why, fifteen years ago, BCREA created a legal defense reserve to support REALTORS® by contributing to legal costs related to issues of provincial significance.

BCREA's legal defense reserve is available to all BC REALTORS®, but to be eligible for consideration, the issue must be of provincial significance. In other words, a positive outcome from the proceedings should benefit REALTORS® across the province.

How can a REALTOR® request access to the legal defense reserve?
REALTORS® wishing to access funds should make a submission to BCREA's Board of Directors ([email protected]). Once a submission is received, the Board of Directors will review the application for merit, consult with legal counsel and provide their assessment to the REALTOR®.

For further questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

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