Conference for Managing Brokers: BCREA Question Responses

Nov 15, 2018

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Marianne Brimmell
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On September 19, BCREA hosted our first BCREA Advocacy Exchange: Conference for Managing Brokers. The conference provided a unique opportunity for managing brokers, licensees and stakeholders from across the province to network, learn about advocacy and hear from key organizations in the industry.

Conference attendees posed many insightful questions throughout the day, using an online platform that allowed them to ask questions, answer polls and vote for the questions they most wanted answered. While we were unable to address all the questions during the conference, it's important to us that we address as many of them as possible. Those that were posed to the presenters have been submitted to the appropriate contacts, and we have provided answers to the burning questions posed to BCREA. The three questions that attendees of the conference most wanted answered from BCREA are given below. The remainder of the questions and answers can be found on REALTOR Link® here.

  1. Will BCREA provide more managing brokers courses and support groups?

    The BCREA Advocacy Exchange: Conference for Managing Brokers is an example of the education and support that we are offering for managing brokers, and we are planning to offer it again in 2019. Our education department is also looking at new courses to introduce as part of the PDP and there is a focus on managing brokers. 

  2. Should there be a BC brokers advocacy group with brokers from each board to help boards and BCREA relate to the industry and members?

    Currently, when BCREA consults with REALTORS®, we work with the real estate boards to make sure we get all the necessary perspectives, including those of managing brokers. Several real estate boards have brokers’ councils already, and the Real Estate Brokers Association of BC exists, as well. 

  3. Would it be wise for all boards to work together to hire provincial legal representation to deal with issues with Council and the competition bureau, as examples

    BCREA seeks legal advice on a regular basis, and we consult specialists to ensure we receive the most appropriate advice. 

    The Association also has a Legal Defence Program that provides financial assistance to support litigation of provincial significance, including any civil suit, criminal prosecution or other legal proceeding where the legal issues involved are of significance to a substantial portion of the membership or to the real estate profession as a whole. The financial support is provided to offset legal expenses, not for payment of judgments, damages, fines or opposing counsel fees or costs.

Please visit REALTOR Link® for the rest of the questions and answers from BCREA. We will also post responses from the other presenters as they become available.

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