Anti-Money Laundering

Ensuring REALTORS® have the resources to meet anti-money laundering requirements is an important step towards keeping money from criminal activity out of BC’s housing market. Money laundering is an issue of significant concern for all British Columbians. At BCREA, we take the issue very seriously. In 2022, the BC Government publicly released the final report


Bylaws: This document contains BCREA’s Bylaws as filed with the Registrar of Companies of the Province of British Columbia and was last updated in 2020. Click here to view BCREA’s Bylaws. Rules: This document contains the rules and regulations that govern BCREA. Click here to view BCREA’s Rules. Constitution: Created in 1995, BCREA’s Constitution provides


Lobbyist Registry: All real estate boards are required to report their provincial advocacy through BC’s Lobbyists Registry. BCREA has prepared the following resources to help: Frequently asked questions Memo for REALTORS® re MLA meetings Webinar: Understanding BC’s lobbying laws Guidance from the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists: How to Register and Report Your Lobbying

Consumer Protection

BCREA and REALTORS® have an intrinsic interest in consumer protection – what’s good for home buyers and sellers is also good for the real estate sector. BCREA is committed to working with the BC Government and BC’s real estate regulator, the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA), to develop robust evidence-based policy that will enhance consumer

Environment and Climate Change Resiliency

Flood Protection Flood risk has the strong potential to increase in coming years due to climate predictions calling for increased levels of precipitation in more frequent and more intense weather events. Flooding poses catastrophic risks to BC’s economic vitality, safety and environment. BCREA’s flood plays a strong role in floodplain mapping to assist REALTORS®, their

Real Estate Practice

Regulatory reform In 2021, the BC Financial Services Authority became the sole regulator of real estate in the province. To learn more about how this change affected REALTORS®, please click on the following resources: BCREA blog post: BC Financial Services Authority Becomes Sole Regulator for Real Estate BCREA blog post: UPDATED – BCFSA becomes real


SupplyBCREA advocates for improved housing affordability through addressing the mismatch between supply and demand. The government has made some progress towards increasing housing supply, including removing the default requirement for local governments to hold public hearings for rezoning that are consistent with Official Community Plans. We are encouraging the government to enact proposals laid out

Issue Referral Form

We would like to hear from you on what issues you would like BCREA to research and advocate on. The advocacy issues we focus on are derived from what we hear from REALTORS®. What are housing concerns you are hearing about in your community? What would you like to see improved? How can BCREA provide

Government Liaison Days

Government Liaison Days (GL Days) is an annual event hosted by BCREA where REALTORS® from across BC learn about pertinent government relations issues and meet with local MLAs. GL Days is an important tool to drive forward smart policy and build strong relationships with politicians. GL Days first took place in 1988 in Victoria, although


BCREA is a non-partisan organization, focusing on the issues rather than the politics. We try to work collaboratively with whatever party is forming government, while also fostering relationships with the opposition. BCREA and member boards participate in elections by promoting important issues, sponsoring housing debates, as well as providing resources to help engage with their

Advocacy Update

Advocacy Update is BCREA’s regular update on political real estate news in BC. This biweekly newsletter gives updates on government actions affecting the sector, significant actions taken by BCREA, as well as ways how REALTORS(R) can get involved. We also publish a monthly one-minute video that provides highlights from the previous month’s news. To stay

BCREA Volunteer Opportunities

REALTORS® are an integral part of the community. Not only do you facilitate what is often one of the biggest transactions in people’s lives, but you also support your communities through a dedication to your profession. That means taking Professional Development opportunities, upholding the highest standards of professionalism, and for some, it could also mean

Focus on Privacy

British Columbia’s private sector privacy legislation came into effect on January 1, 2004. The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal information held by organizations. The legislation recognizes the rights of the individuals, to protect their information and the need of the organization to collect, use, or disclose personal information for


The BCREA Standard Forms Resource Centre is the go-to place for REALTORS® and managing brokers to find standard forms toolkits. The toolkit is an interactive training guide aimed at providing you with information about the form, outlining what the sections of the form mean, guiding you and your clients how to complete the form and much


BCREA has a variety of standard forms resources available for REALTORS®. If you’re not sure where to go for information, the list of resources for information below is a great start: Frequently Asked Questions (Common questions about BCREA standard forms) Standard Forms Resources Index Clause Catalogue Summary of Recent Revisions Standard Forms Terms of Use


Have You Checked Out Our New Standard Forms Tool? Check out InFormBot, an interactive tool that helps BC REALTORS® navigate commonly used standard forms confidently, anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re working with a seller or a buyer, InFormBot offers forms suggestions, practice tips, videos and resources. Access InFormBot

Explore courses

Being a REALTOR® means committing to a standard of professionalism that goes beyond regulatory requirements. Each licensing cycle, REALTORS® are required to complete a minimum of 18 hours of professional development. Of these 18 hours, you must complete a minimum of 12 hours of accredited professional development to grow your skills, confidence and professional knowledge.

Manufactured Homes

Many real estate transactions in BC involve the sale of manufactured homes. So, to protect yourself and your clients, REALTORS® need to be aware of the specific and unique requirements of representing a buyer or seller in transactions involving manufactured homes. Manufactured homes include modular and mobile homes. They are typically built in a factory

Safety and Manufactured Homes – Pilot Project

This is a pilot project for BCREA and the Association of Interior REALTORS® to work with Technical Safety BC (TSBC) to test the feasibility of listing manufactured homes before obtaining electrical certification. Safety is essential, so electrical safety certification must be in place before completing any transaction. This project is limited to the Southern Peace

Radon FAQ

Radon is an invisible and odourless radioactive gas that leaks from the soil and is prevalent throughout Canada. In order to best serve your clients, REALTORS® need to be aware of current government programs, applicable laws, emerging policies and required disclosures on radon relevant to BC real estate transactions. BCREA has created a Radon FAQ


An Arbitration service has been established to resolve any commission dispute arising between a member board and a member of another board, in accordance with written agreements agreed to by the member boards. The full policy and process guidelines can be found below. How to Start a Claim For information about how to start a

Managing Broker Advisory Committee Application Form

Committee Member Requirements To complete a form of declaration at the start of each term. To attend a minimum of three virtual or in-person Committee meetings per year. Reasonable travel costs to attend the Committee meetings are reimbursed by BCREA based on the Association’s expense policy. Please refer to the Managing Broker Advisory Committee Terms

Managing Brokers Advisory Committee

BCREA’s Managing Broker Advisory Committee was created to identify opportunities that enhance REALTOR® professionalism and supports managing brokers. The Committee is made up of Managing Brokers with varying levels of experience and expertise from across the province and it provides insights and practical expertise on timely topics and feedback that helps inform BCREA’s actions in

Multiple Offers

Low interest rates and a lack of housing supply can lead to a hot Canadian housing market where sellers are dealing with multiple offers and buyers may be willing to take risks to secure the purchase of a property. REALTORS® should be comfortable and confident providing clients with information on how to mitigate risks, while

Mobile Plan for REALTORS®

BCREA Mobile has changed its name to Area WIRELESS, but the program and the features remain the same. Area WIRELESS has been the behind-the-scenes program administrator for BCREA Mobile since launch, and has provided savings to REALTORS® and their families and friends since 2017. While the name and logo are different, all of your account details

Home and Lifestyle Insurance Program

It can be challenging to find the right insurance, especially if you have multiple properties and lifestyle possessions. That is why BCREA has partnered with Axis Insurance to provide REALTORS® with preferred pricing through Aviva Group (10% discount), along with access to many other leading insurance providers. Types of policies available: Homeowners Condominium owners Tenants To view

Brokerage Insurance Program

BCREA has partnered with Axis Insurance to create the Brokerage Insurance Program, a new affinity program that provides managing brokers with insurance solutions specifically designed for real estate brokerages. The Brokerage Insurance Program is now available and offers managing brokers competitive rates for various types of coverage including: Excess errors and omissions insurance, Vicarious liability

Legal Defence Reserve

Are You Being Treated Fairly? The Key Question to Ask When Considering Legal Defence from BCREA BCREA’s Legal Defence Reserve (LDR) is a fund created to aid REALTORS® by supporting litigation or providing legal assistance for issues of provincial significance. Funds from the reserve might be used for legal and other costs related to litigation

BCREA Quarterly Financial Report

Every quarter, BCREA reports its financial position to the Board of Directors. Once the Directors have seen the reports, they are posted here, along with the quarterly financial report summary video. NOTE: The quarterly financial report summary videos are on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BCREA Audited Financial Statements

At the end of every fiscal year, BCREA publishes Audited Financial Statements to provide our members, industry stakeholders and consumers a detailed and transparent overview of our Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Operations.

BCREA Backgrounder

REALTORS® in BC. Our mission is to empower the province’s eight real estate boards by sharing our expertise and providing professional development opportunities, advocacy, economic research and standard forms so REALTORS® are trusted, respected and proud of their profession. 2021 Multiple Listing Service® Sales REALTORS® helped their clients sell 124,866 homes on the Multiple Listing

Annual Reports

Every year, BCREA reports on the key activities, highlights and achievements in service of BC’s eight real estate boards and 25,000 REALTORS® from the previous year. The annual report is typically published in March and includes audited financial statements.