Action Plan for Economic Recovery to Achieve CleanBC Goals

In August, BCREA interviewed the Pembina Institute’s director for buildings and urban solutions, Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze, to understand their perspective on making homes and buildings in BC low carbon, healthy and resilient. Tom-Pierre was a coauthor of a July submission sent to the BC Government, “Accelerating BC’s economic recovery through building retrofits.” Closely aligned with BCREA’s

Monitoring COVID: BCREA Develops New Economic Resources

The COVID-19 Reopening Dashboard allows readers to monitor the evolution of the BC economy as the province gradually reopens. The dashboard focuses on the sectors and activities that have been most significantly impacted by the pandemic and the province’s subsequent state of emergency. The most recent update shows that home sales have more than fully

Anti-Money Laundering Resources

Background Resources Advocacy Last updated: February 10, 2021 Ensuring REALTORS® have the resources to meet anti-money laundering requirements is an important step towards keeping money from criminal activity out of BC’s housing market. BCREA has created this dedicated page to help Realtors access BCREA’s anti-money laundering resources. Throughout the fall, we’ll add to these resources

Province Revises Strata Property Act in Response to Insurance Crisis

The Province of BC has changed the Strata Property Act and the Financial Institutions Act in response to the recent escalation of insurance premiums and deductibles. In a communication to Strata Managers, the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) highlighted that now: Strata corporations are required to inform owners as soon as it is feasible

REALTORS® Continue to Be Hit Hard by Economic Slowdown from COVID-19

BCREA conducted a follow-up survey on the impacts of COVID-19 faced by REALTORS®. The survey was completed by 1,950 Realtors from all boards between July 13 and July 20. A quarter of Realtors (26 per cent) continue to report no income from transactions since the end of May. Respondents’ most common reason for not receiving

BCREA Combats Money Laundering Through Participation in Cullen Commission

As a participant in the Cullen Commission, BCREA is providing information about the daily practice realities in real estate. Our participation will help strengthen consumer protection measures and limit money laundering in the real estate sector. The Cullen Commission, established in May 2019, is conducting videoconferencing hearings from May 25 to June 30, 2020. BCREA

REALTORS® Advocating for Affordable Strata Insurance

Strata insurance costs are rising in many parts of the province, threatening families’ housing affordability. With at least one-quarter of British Columbians living in strata units, BCREA is looking for solutions to this housing crisis. Rising strata insurance costs are a complex issue requiring a basket of solutions to foster a robust, economically viable market.

Real Estate Regulatory Changes on the Way

Last year, Minister of Finance Carole James announced that the BC Government intends to integrate the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia into the BC Financial Institutions Commission (BCFSA) by 2021. Minister James, 2019 BCREA President Michael Trites and BCREA CEO Darlene Hyde at BCREA’s 2019

Get Flood Ready

So far this year, BC’s River Forecast Centre has issued ten flood or streamflow advisories and watches. As spring draws closer, snowmelt and heavy rain may result in seasonal flooding in areas of the province. Anyone concerned about flood risks to their property should consider how to minimize potential damage. A few years ago, BCREA

BCREA Calls for Increased Federal/Provincial Cooperation to Tackle Money Laundering in BC

Vancouver, BC – February 26, 2020. Today, the BC Real Estate Association makes our opening statement to the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering in British Columbia. “We are committed to working with government to better understand this issue and address any pre-existing vulnerabilities within our sector,” says BCREA CEO Darlene Hyde. “It is our hope

BC Government Presents Stay-The-Course Budget

Minister Carole James delivers the 2020 Budget to stakeholders and journalists.

BC’s Budget 2020 offers some new investments to assist homeowners and their communities, but falls short of substantial changes to improve housing affordability. We’re pleased by the promise of an additional $419 million investment over three years to support CleanBC for home and workplace electric vehicle charging stations and new pilot programs to further reduce

Changes to Stress Test Mean Good News for British Columbians

Canada's Parliament Hill and Parliament Buildings, the seat of the federal government of Canada, taken from the back side of the building

The advocacy of BCREA and other stakeholders has resulted in the Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau announcing changes to the mortgage stress test. The stress test is used to determine the minimum qualifying rate for mortgages. The new benchmark rate will be the weekly median five-year fixed insured mortgage rate from mortgage insured applications,

Strata Insurance: Action from BCREA

Insurance agent complete wooden model of the house with last piece with text insurance.

Many strata owners are facing significant increases in insurance premiums and deductibles. While the word “crisis” is used often in media articles, BCREA believes long-term government policy changes should be made very carefully and with as much information as possible. There are about 30,000 strata corporations in BC and at least one-quarter of the population

BCREA Submits Recommendations for New Regulator

On December 16, 2019, BCREA submitted 18 recommendations to Minister of Finance Carole James to help guide the government as they work towards a new regulatory structure for real estate professionals. This follows Minister James’s announcement in November that the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE), which currently oversees the Real Estate Council

Improving the Role of Managing Brokers

In October at BCREA’s Managing Brokers’ Conference, the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) reported on work to review the roles and responsibilities of managing brokers in BC. They released a discussion paper and asked for feedback on five short- and medium-term actions as well as three long-term concepts. BCREA worked with member boards to

Getting it Right: Real Estate Regulation and Commercial Licensing

In 2021, the BC Government intends to integrate the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) into the BC Financial Institutions Commission (BCFSA). According to the November 12 news release, this move will satisfy a recommendation made by Dan Perrin in 2018 to create a

New Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives in Development

The issue of money laundering continues to be one of ongoing governmental and public concern. BCREA have taken an active role in the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering In BC, having applied and received formal standing to partake in the process and represent provincial real estate interests. We have also been attending the

Reforming the Regulator

In 2021, the BC Government intends to integrate the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) into the BC Financial Institutions Commission (BCFSA). According to the December 12 news release, this move will satisfy a recommendation made by Dan Perrin in 2018 to create a

Brokering a new deal for Managing Brokers

At BCREA’s second annual Managing Brokers’ Conference in October, Superintendent of Real Estate Micheal Noseworthy introduced a new discussion paper: “Reframing the Role of Managing Brokers in BC.” The discussion paper is part of a managing broker consultation process by the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) that began in fall 2018 with

Keeping Clients Out of Hot Water Over Groundwater Licencing

Droughts, water restrictions and wildfires have all become part of a typical BC summer, just like Okanagan cherries or a BC Day barbecue. Despite all of BC’s lakes and rivers, the truth is that water scarcity is a serious concern. That’s why the provincial government introduced the Water Sustainability Act in 2016, which requires anyone diverting and

Revised Council Disclosure Forms Better Meet Consumer Needs

Recent changes to three Real Estate Council of BC mandatory disclosure forms are a significant improvement on previous versions, which were launched as part of the June 2018 Rule changes. The revised forms, which came into effect September 30, 2019, include the Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services, Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties and Disclosure to Sellers of

BCREA Brings REALTOR® Perspective to Inquiry into Money Laundering

In late October, BCREA began its involvement in the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering in British Columbia by attending a series of public meetings which were held throughout the province. Trevor Hargreaves, BCREA Vice President of Government Relations and Stakeholder Engagement, attended the meetings in Vancouver, Victoria, and Richmond on behalf of BCREA,

BCREA Prepares Recommendations for Province’s Review of Managing Brokers

BCREA is preparing a response to the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE), in light of its recent discussion paper, Reframing the Role of Managing Brokers in BC. BCREA’s response will provide evidence-based insights and industry-focused recommendations and context to the review process and will be based partly on feedback from and consultation with

Ministry of Finance Announces Shift to Single Regulator

Earlier this week the Ministry of Finance announced their intent to shift to a single regulator, wrapping real estate oversight into the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA). They are aiming for this new legislation to be tabled by Fall 2020, with implementation in 2021. Under this new structure the Office of the Superintendent of Real

BCREA Calls for Safer Homes at the 2019 UBCM Convention

British Columbia Real Estate Association’s (BCREA) Government Relations team attended the annual 2019 Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Convention in Vancouver from September 23 to 27. On the first day of the convention, VP of Government Relations and Stakeholder Engagement Trevor Hargreaves participated in a panel presentation on anti-money laundering, along with Attorney General David

Money Laundering in Canada 2019

Join ABC solutions in Victoria, BC on September 23-25 for Money Laundering in Canada 2019, Canada’s premiere event in the field of money laundering compliance. This year’s theme is Compliance: Making Sense of the Details. The conference promises to be informative and pragmatic, looking at trending crimes, risks, compliance practices and regulatory change. Speakers include

Stronger Consumer Protection for Healthy Homes

BC needs a provincial framework for remediation to ensure homes that have been used to produce drugs are safe from mould, pesticides and electrical and fire hazards. BC’s neighbours have made significant strides towards these goals. In Alberta designated officials conduct an inspection, issue an order to vacate and outline the required procedure to remediate

B-20 is Stressing Potential Home Buyers

The federal B-20 stress test is preventing many British Columbians from achieving their dream of home ownership. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions enacted new mortgage rules in 2018, requiring borrowers to qualify for a mortgage at the higher of either the rate they’ve negotiated with their bank plus two per cent or

How to Fund Flood Mapping

Flooding poses significant risks to communities, and the effects can be widespread and last for years. Floodplain maps illustrate where floodwaters are expected to go, which makes them the most logical first step in flood management. To be effective, these maps also need to be updated regularly. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a coordinated program in

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Launches in September

Help your clients understand the incentive and whether they can benefit In September, the federal government will launch the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, an interest-free loan that doesn’t require monthly payments. The incentive is intended to help reduce monthly mortgage payments without increasing the amount needed to save for a down payment. How does it

Floodplain Maps Action Plan

When floods strike, individuals and communities are subject to significant economic and social costs. Many British Columbians are unaware of the flood risk they face, due to out-of-date floodplain maps. BC has the opportunity to take steps to minimize damage from future floods—this is the purpose of the British Columbia Real Estate Association’s (BCREA) initiative

Strata Properties

The Strata Property Act took effect on July 1, 2000, and was a significant improvement over the Condominium Act. Nonetheless, no legislation is perfect and the intervening years have provided ample opportunity for real estate practitioners and others to identify improvements that can be made. BCREA Recommends the Provincial Government: Ensure legislation specifies what is required to be

Flood Protection

Flooding poses catastrophic risks to BC’s economic vitality, safety, environment, property owners and communities. BCREA’s flood protection work focuses on floodplain maps, a strong role for the provincial government and education for REALTORS® and their clients. BCREA Recommends the Provincial Government: Take the lead, working with local and federal governments, to ensure floodplain maps are

Housing Affordability

The residential real estate market is a continuum, with social housing on one end and luxury housing on the other. Rental housing and market housing affordability are important components that help keep the continuum operating smoothly, ensuring appropriate housing options for all and matching supply with demand. BCREA recommends that governments: Ensure the Property Transfer

Real Estate Legislation

On January 1, 2005, the Real Estate Services Act and Real Estate Development Marketing Act were brought into force. These statutes replace Parts 1 and 2 of the former Real Estate Act. Real Estate Services Act Real Estate Development Marketing Act BCREA believes that changes to the practice of real estate must be made with care to avoid unintended negative

Remediating Homes Used to Produce Drugs

On June 20, the Canadian government passed legislation confirming October 17, 2018 as the legalization date for non-medicinal cannabis. Under the legislation, individuals will be able to grow up to four cannabis plants per residence. Four plants may not sound like much, but what if it’s grown in a closet? Or a 600-square foot strata

Anti-Money Laundering: Opportunities for Action

A public inquiry into money laundering has now been ordered. This has been a media favourite for a long time, and certainly since the reports of Peter German and the Expert Panel on Money Laundering in BC Real Estate were published on May 9. Here’s a quick summary of BCREA’s actions, analysis and how we’re

BCREA’s Government Liaison Days

Moving the dial on real estate advocacy issues Market housing affordability, anti-money laundering and remediating properties used to produce drugs were the priorities at this year’s Government Liaison (GL) Days, which took place in Victoria at the Hotel Grand Pacific from April 28 to 30. GL Days is BCREA’s key advocacy event that brings together

Real Estate Professions Taking the Lead to Curb Money Laundering

Media coverage that captured REALTOR® professionalism On Monday, April 15, 2019, the British Columbia Real Estate (BCREA) headlined the provincial and national news after it released a series of recommendations and best practices to government to help curb money laundering. The recommendations were developed collaboratively with four other organizations: the Real Estate Board of Greater

Anti-Money Laundering in Real Estate Sector

REALTORS® are committed to doing their part to ensure that money laundering has no role in the real estate sector. BCREA has worked with other real estate sector organizations to create a joint statement on money laundering, with shared recommendations to government. Recommendations included that government and regulatory agencies better utilize on-the-ground experience of real

Working to Make Homes More Affordable for British Columbians

In April, delegates from across the province registered for our 2019 Government Liaison Days, arranging meetings with 64 MLAs, including 11 cabinet ministers. Delegates advocated for policy changes to the Speculation and Vacancy Tax and the federal B-20 stress test to improve market housing affordability. The Speculation and Vacancy Tax has struggled to meet its

High Time for Change

In October 2018, cannabis became legalized across Canada, and in BC individuals are now allowed to legally grow up to four plants per residence. This new legislation change has made it increasingly important for the government to ensure that homes used in drug operations are made safe. There are many potential harms associated with growing

Clause for Concern?

Understanding who pays the Speculation and Vacancy Tax in a transaction REALTORS® don’t have to worry about including a clause in a contract of purchase and sale that specifies that a buyer won’t be held liable for the Speculation and Vacancy Tax (SVT). Here’s why: When a buyer purchases a residential property, they will either

Focus on Anti-Money Laundering

The extent of money laundering in BC is unclear, but two provincial government reviews should help provide more information and the basis for effective action. REALTORS® definitely support efforts to keep the proceeds of crime out of the real estate market. For many years, REALTORS® have been among many professionals subject to federal anti-money laundering

BCREA’s BC Budget Highlights

Budget 2019 introduced few changes for real estate, but four new developments caught BCREA’s attention: Taxation clarityWhen the budget bill receives Royal Assent clarifying changes will be made to the following statutes: Property Transfer Tax Act, Taxation (Rural Area) Act and Income Tax Act around information sharing among these statutes, and Speculation and Vacancy Tax Act to exempt

A Path to Energy Efficiency

The provincial government’s CleanBC plan has substantial impacts on homeowners through rebates and incentives, free energy coaching, new standards for building upgrades and exploring an energy rating requirement. Introduced in late 2018, the plan aims to help the province achieve its goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2030. BC Budget

Responding to Rule Changes: Contact Your MLA

REALTORS® all around the province have serious concerns about the new rules affecting limited dual agency and disclosure, set to take effect on March 15, 2018. BCREA and the real estate boards are taking action, and we need REALTOR® support. While the Real Estate Council of British Columbia is working hard to prepare for these

BCREA’s Limited Dual Agency Waiver Proposal

Making the LDA ban more workable for consumers and REALTORS® On January 16, leadership from the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) met with Minister of Finance Carole James to present a proposal for a waiver that would make the ban on limited dual agency (LDA), the practice of a REALTOR® representing both parties in

Disclosure and Assignments for Strata Lots

Navigating changes to REDMA The BC Government recently made amendments to the Real Estate Development Marketing Regulation, which involve disclosure requirements for developers who market strata lots in development properties. Fortunately, the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) issued Policy Statement 16 to provide guidance around these changes. And better yet, we’re here

Find out What These Changes Mean for REALTORS®!

Who is or isn’t taxed? You’ve likely heard about the provincial government’s new Speculation and Vacancy Tax that came into effect on January 1 by now. In case you missed it, the tax targets homes left vacant for six months or more within a calendar year and is designed to help turn empty properties into

Getting to the Bottom of FINTRAC Compliance

Answers to your burning questions The wait for responses from the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) to managing brokers’ top questions submitted at the Conference for Managing Brokers is over! During the conference, attendees submitted questions to the presenters and voted for the questions they most wanted answered. Responses to three

Changes to Improve Transparency Within Real Estate Transactions

In an effort to make BC’s real estate industry more transparent, the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) has introduced additional disclosure statement requirements regarding assignments of strata purchase agreements. While these changes are targeted at developers who market strata lots in developments properties, it’s important for REALTORS® who are involved in the

BCREA’s Provincial Lobbying Conference: Government Liaison Days

On October 15 and 16, 90 delegates met at the Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria for BCREA’s Government Liaison (GL) Days. Please click here to view the GL Days 2018 summary video. The conference gave attendees the opportunity to first familiarize themselves with this year’s three advocacy priorities—transparency in real estate transactions, limited dual agency and tax fairness for owners

Headway on Housing Affordability

Market housing affordability matters to everyone. British Columbians in communities of all sizes need more options for housing that is affordable, safe and appropriate to their family needs. While there’s no magic solution, BCREA believes government and the private sector can work together to build a comprehensive plan that’s effective and fair. In our submission

Real Estate Transparency to Build Public Confidence

On September 27, Attorney General David Eby and Minister of Finance Carole James announced a two-pronged approach to review money laundering in real estate. BCREA shares the government’s concerns about potential vulnerabilities, and we immediately reached out to offer insights into both reviews. For 18 years, REALTORS® have been subject to federal anti-money laundering regulations

Supporting Efficiency and Confidence in Real Estate

BC’s approach to real estate licensing is unique. Since 2016, we’ve had two regulators: This co-regulatory system has not worked very well, as noted by the independent review released by Minister of Finance Carole James on September 27. Real Estate Regulatory Structure Review was prepared by lawyer Dan Perrin. He found that the current system is unsustainable,

Long-Term Advocacy and Ensuring REALTORS®’ Voices Are Heard

Government relations and advocacy are core services that BCREA provides the province’s 11 regional real estate boards and the REALTORS® the boards represent. But what’s the difference between advocacy and government relations? And how do both fit into BCREA’s overarching strategic goals? Advocacy is about building positive relationships with stakeholders like consumers, media and professional

BCREA Advocacy Exchange: Conference for Managing Brokers

On September 19, BCREA hosted our first Advocacy Exchange: Conference for Managing Brokers. The conference provided a unique opportunity for managing brokers from across the province to network, learn about advocacy, ask questions and be informed on matters affecting organized real estate. The event was well attended by over 250 managing brokers, licensees and key

Perrin’s Recommendations a Positive First Step

On September 27, the Ministry of Finance published Dan Perrin’s Real Estate Regulatory Structure Review—that is, the independent review of the regulatory framework currently governing real estate practice in BC. The report reflects many of the concerns BCREA and BC’s 11 regional real estate boards have raised related to the co-regulatory structure as a whole,

BCREA Launches FINTRAC Action Plan

BCREA has launched a new action plan in collaboration with member boards to support REALTORS® and managing brokers in better understanding and meeting their FINTRAC reporting duties to help keep the proceeds of organized crime out of the housing market. We have also increased our collaboration with CREA and government partners to prepare for more

Rental Housing: A Vital Component of the Housing Market

REALTORS® do more than buy and sell homes—they care deeply about the communities in which they live, work and play. That’s why, through BCREA, REALTORS® advocate for provincial policies that support a thriving rental housing market. BCREA supports increasing the supply of rental stock to ensure that British Columbians have access to housing options. We

Remediating Homes Used in Drug Operations

On October 17, non-medicinal cannabis will be legalized. In addition to establishing regulated distribution networks, the federal legislation allows individuals to legally cultivate up to four plants per residence. BCREA remains concerned with the damage drug production can have on properties. Four plants may not sound like much, but what if it’s grown in a

More Practitioners Needed on Real Estate Council

On June 15, new real estate Rules under the Real Estate Services Act came into effect, making significant changes to real estate practice in the province. This includes several new disclosure requirements and a ban on limited dual agency (where a licensee acts for more than one party in a transaction). BCREA sees the importance of a

Update on New Rules Advocacy Work

The new Rules that are scheduled to come into effect on June 15 represent significant changes to real estate practice in BC. BCREA believes the implementation of the new Rules should be delayed. Regulation is important, but implementing new Rules without allowing time for consumers and licensees to understand the changes is not in anyone’s

Rule Changes – Overview

On June 15, the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate’s (OSRE) finalized Rule changes will come into effect. The Rule changes will include new requirements for licensee language proficiency, remuneration disclosure, a new relicensing education course, a ban on dual agency and new rules for conflicts of interest when acting for multiple clients. As

BC Real Estate Regulatory Review

On April 18, 2018, the BC Government announced a review of the province’s real estate regulators. This review will examine the roles of the real estate regulators to ensure that consumers in the real estate market are effectively protected. Currently there are two co-regulators: the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and the Office of

Superintendent Adopts New Rules

On April 27, Rule changes concerning English language proficiency requirements, remuneration disclosure and conflicts of interest were finalized. These Rules were part of the consultation the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) conducted that closed on April 20. The Rule on remuneration requires that new disclosures to sellers must include a dollar amount,

ALR/ALC Revitalization Consultation

The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) contains land where agriculture is recognized as the primary use and non-agricultural uses are restricted. The Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is the independent administrative tribunal responsible for preserving land in the ALR. In January, the BC Minister of Agriculture created an Advisory Committee tasked to make recommendations on revitalizing the

Updating Foreign Buyer Standard Forms Clauses

On February 20, the provincial government announced new tax measures to curb housing affordability in Budget 2018. Part of the measures introduced were to increase the percentage and geographical areas affected by the foreign buyer tax. Unlike the proposed speculation tax, which is still being developed and has a much longer implementation timeline, the changes

Managing Broker Insights

Managing broker oversight is an important theme that runs through several of the recommendations from the Independent Advisory Group (IAG). The Superintendent of Real Estate has said that implementing these recommendations is a priority for his office. In late 2017 and early 2018, BCREA worked with NRG Research Group Inc. to understand the realities of

BC Real Estate Regulatory Design

The BC Government has announced a review of BC’s real estate regulators to ensure that consumers in the real estate market are effectively protected. While more details are still to come, this review will examine the roles and responsibilities of the two co-regulators, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and the Office of the

Consumer Rights and Real Estate Practice

BCREA continues to advocate for a review on the impending ban on limited dual agency, which is scheduled to come into force on June 15, 2018. Limited dual agency occurs when a REALTOR® represents more than one party in a real estate transaction, such as a buyer and a seller or two or more buyers.

Impact of the Proposed Speculation Tax

Housing measures featured prominently in BC Budget 2018. Of particular concern to BCREA is the proposed speculation tax. It will target homeowners in urban areas who pay little or no income tax in BC and owners of second properties that are not long-term rentals. We believe there are opportunities to minimize the impact of this

Tackling Housing Affordability in Budget 2018

Housing affordability is a central focus of the provincial budget announced on February 20. The government’s 30-point “Homes for BC” plan outlines their approach. Some of the key points of the plan include: Introducing a “speculation tax,” charging residential property owners who don’t pay income tax in BC, at an annual rate of 0.5 per

What’s Next for Housing Policy?

“Housing is the main priority for this government.” The Honourable Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, certainly caught BCREA’s attention with that statement! Minister Robinson joined reps from BCREA and the regional real estate boards on January 31 for a discussion about challenges and opportunities with housing affordability and availability. On the demand

Launching Legal Update 2018

In mid-October, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia decided to make major changes to the mandatory Relicensing Education Program course, Real Estate E&O Insurance Legal Update in 2018 (Legal Update), which BCREA administers on behalf of the Council. The new course focuses on consumer protection, important regulatory updates, ethics and best practices in a new format

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