Practice Tips

Unpermitted Work and Buying or Selling a Home

What your clients need to know Whether your clients are buying or selling a home, unpermitted work—any renovation or modification made to a home for which the appropriate municipal building or other permits were not obtained—can prove to be problematic if not dealt with head-on. For sellers: disclose, disclose, disclose As the listing brokerage, you

FINTRAC Compliance? There’s an App for That!

If you’re looking to reduce errors and omissions when it comes to completing FINTRAC individual identification and receipt of funds forms, you might want to check out the FINTRACKER™ app created by Forward Form Solutions Inc. The app is meant as a digital FINTRAC reporting solution for real estate professional to help reduce human error,

Invasive Species

When that little squirrel becomes a big problem Invasive species come with a series of problems, especially if you’re not aware of the risks. Whether you’re a REALTOR® conducting business on Vancouver Island, or northern BC, understanding what invasive species are found in your area is the first step in helping your client avoid those

The Role of REALTORS® in Helping the Government Stop Money Laundering

There are a lot of myths out there about REALTORS®, real estate transactions and money laundering. Unfortunately, the public has nowhere to go get unbiased information about REALTORS®’ roles in identifying criminal activity. That’s why BCREA has created an infographic for REALTORS® to share with their networks and help consumers understand the role of REALTORS®

CREA announces new WEBForms® service provider

In November, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) announced it will be transitioning to a new service provider for CREA WebForms® in 2019. The new CREA WEBForms® will be powered by the leading transaction management platform TransactionDesk® by Lone Wolf Technologies. The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB) first developed WEBForms and sold it to CREA in

It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Ending an Agency Agreement Before It Expires

Relationships change – whether it’s between friends, family or a REALTOR® and a client. Sometimes, relationships come to a natural conclusion, like when a REALTOR® helps a client buy a home, meaning that terms of the Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement have been met. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) provides REALTORS® and their clients

New Disclosure of Referral Payment Form

The new Disclosure of Referral Payment form and corresponding education guide, are now available on WEBForms®. As per Section 3-3(f) of the Real Estate Services ActRules, a licensee is required to disclose to a client “all known material information respecting real estate services” being provided. If a licensee has agreed to pay a referral payment, this is material

ENERGY STAR Certification for Commercial Buildings

Obtaining an ENERGY STAR certification can be a great way to add value to a listing. They use less energy, cost less to operate, and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. On average, homes with the certification are 20 per cent more energy efficient than new homes, and approximately 83 per cent of Canadians recognize the

Busting Fire Sprinkler Myths

Fire safety is important for all homeowners, and it can be a great selling point for REALTORS®. Having a home sprinkler system can greatly minimize damages from home fires, and can even save money on insurance. On February 22, the Fire Chiefs’ Association of British Columbia will host a Home and Family Sprinkler Summit for

Income Sprinkling Restrictions Simplified

On December 13, the federal Minister of Finance announced a plan to simplify changes to the Income Tax Act. For the 2018 tax year, several categories of business owners will be exempt from the new rules on income sprinkling. Under the new rules, the following exemptions will apply: For business owners aged 65 or older, sprinkling