Trends and Issues in Real Estate

In Trends and Issues in Real Estate, REALTORS® will identify the differences between a trend and a fad and study trends and issues within the following real estate topics: geopolitical, urban pattern, generational, consumer, data, the MLS System, the role of the REALTOR®, the role of the brokerage, and organized real estate.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to reflect on the various trends that affect how they practice real estate and invest time and energy into mitigating the potential impact on their present and future business practices.

This course reminds REALTORS® that they need to be ready to adapt their services and their role as a REALTOR® to continue to add value to their clients, their business, and the profession. REALTORS® are encouraged to map out a plan coping with the trends and issues emerging now to become an even more successful REALTOR® in the future.

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