Radon and Real Estate: Understanding New Developments for Practice in BC

Radon gas can accumulate to high concentrations in homes and other buildings and become a serious health issue. Now the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, it kills more than 3,300 Canadians a year. Real Estate Councils and Associations across Canada are moving to take this issue more seriously.

Recently, the British Columbia Real Estate Association has notified its members that radon is a latent defect, and added radon to the Property Disclosure Statement. This webinar will cover the health and science of radon, how to test and  mitigate, the work of radon professionals, current law and policy, and the duties of real estate licensees. Participants will  learn how to advise clients on radon and how to find relevant resources.

Presenters include:

Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol, an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. She also works as a affiliated scientist with the BC Cancer Agency and on radon initiatives for public health through the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health.

Dr. Noah Quastel, Director of Law and Policy, Healthy Indoor Environments, British Columbia Lung Association. Dr.  Quastel is practicing lawyer and a PhD in Human Geography, specializing in sustainability, the built environment and  radon exposure law and policy.

Chantal Wilson is the owner of Little Bear Engineering in Revelstoke, BC. She is a Professional Mechanical Engineer, Certified Energy Manager, Certified Energy Advisor, C-NRPP Radon Measurement Professional and C-NRPP Radon Mitigation Professional.

Four occurrences of the live webinar were held in 2020. If you are interested in learning more about radon, check out our self-paced online course Radon for Realtors®

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