Know Your Product

In Know Your Product, REALTORS® are provided with a comprehensive education on the fundamentals of residential construction including footings, foundations, floors, walls, chimneys, and roofs. REALTORS® will also study vital housing systems including: electrical, heating, insulation and venting, and plumbing.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to identify the basic elements of residential construction; recognize the issues within a home that may have created or may possibly lead, over time, to a patent or latent defect; and use the issues discovered to help establish a more accurate comparative market analysis (CMA). They will also be able to better help their buyers understand the pros and cons of any home they may wish to buy and why a home inspection is always necessary.

This course improves REALTORS®’ ability to knowledgeably answer their clients’ questions about a property and to know when to refer their clients to the appropriate professional if an issue is discovered.

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