Legal Update 2018

Feb 15, 2018


The new mandatory Relicensing Education Program (REP) course Legal Update 2018 is having a successful first run. Over 210 licensees have now completed the new, blended version of the course and feedback has been positive.

The blended delivery model has been popular. The first, online component consists of five modules followed by assessments with a mandatory passing grade of 70 per cent. Learners have commented that the ability to learn online at their own pace over a two-week period has helped them understand the content more clearly and prepared them to dig deeper into topics during the subsequent classroom component.

To be successful in completing both the online and classroom components of the redesigned course, licensees should enroll in Legal Update well before their license expires. There is a mandatory waiting period of five business days (and a maximum of thirty) between the online and classroom components. While the course should typically take around three weeks to complete, Council recommends you register eight weeks before your licence expiry date.

The cost for the expanded course for 2018 has been set by Council at $275, with any surplus revenue used to fund future content and delivery development. 
For more information on Legal Update 2018 and to enroll, see Council's website.

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