Strata Fundamentals 1

In Strata Fundamentals - Part 1, REALTORS® will learn how strata properties are identified, how to read a strata plan, how strata governance works, how to navigate the complexities of a strata transaction, what documents are involved when purchasing a strata lot, and how to work with a strata client.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to explain what a strata is, identify the unique physical features of a strata property, anticipate the common challenges of working with strata-titled properties, know the key components of a strata plan; and differentiate between bare land and building strata plans. REALTORS® will also understand strata governance and the roles of all the players involved in a strata transaction, including the REALTORS®.

This course also teaches REALTORS® to recognize some of the red flags that may appear in strata documents and how they may impact the strata lot, the strata corporation, the client, and the transaction.

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