UPDATE: Conveyancing in the Time of COVID-19 – So Far

Apr 03, 2020

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Norma Miller
Senior Policy Analyst


This post was updated on April 3, 2020 to include additional information on remote witnessing of affidavits in support of land title applications.

Even with the Land Title and Survey Authority's (LTSA) notice temporarily allowing for affidavits for use in land title applications to be taken remotely (by video), there may still be other documents that your client needs to sign in person with their lawyer or notary.

Speak with their lawyer/notary as soon as possible to determine if that’s the case. If your client is self-isolating or quarantined, ask their lawyer whether arrangements can be made and how these processes work to sign documents.

This follows LTSA's announcement on March 31, 2020 that until further notice, BC lawyers and notaries who represent the parties to a property transaction can temporarily remotely take affidavits for use in land title applications. The full directive from the Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA) is available here.

Both the Law Society of BC (which regulates lawyers) and the LTSA have published information about land transfer processes.

Because video affidavits may not work in all situations, witnessing documents or taking affidavits can – of course – still be done in person.

The previous accommodation for social distancing by the LTSA still apply for in-person signings. They allow the witness and the party to the transaction to sign identical copies of the same document at the same time so they can avoid having to handle the same physical pages. Speak with a lawyer or notary to learn more about how these processes work.

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