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Mar 24, 2022

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Jim McCaughan
Professional Services Manager


The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) administers and manages a set of Standard Forms, standard clauses and related educational resources for use by REALTORS® in real estate transactions in British Columbia. A sub-set of the standard forms are jointly owned by BCREA and the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch (CBABC), including the Contract of Purchase and Sale. 

BCREA receives many inquiries from members of the public, REALTORS®, lawyers and notaries public, regarding the availability of the forms and requirements when using the forms. 

The use of BCREA’s Standard Forms is a member-only service for BC REALTORS® and should not be made available to the public, or any non-members of BCREA or CBABC. This includes the posting of any standard forms to a REALTOR'S® or managing broker’s private website for access or download by consumers. 

All BCREA Standard Forms are copyrighted and carefully version controlled to include any changes to legislation from the government or changes to rules from the regulator. All titles and intellectual rights are the property of BCREA or jointly owned with CBABC. Standard Forms are protected documents that can not be accessed, modified, reproduced, copied, distributed or shared without BCREA’s prior written permission. 

For more than 25 years BCREA has aimed to strengthen the foundation of real estate transactions in the province by maintaining and administering the legal contracts and related documents in the standard forms. Standard Forms are not only essential to the successful completion of real estate transactions across the province but are a valuable member resource intended to: 

  • protect consumers;  
  • help REALTORS® meet regulatory requirements; 
  • mitigate risk and reduce liability; 
  • enhance professionalism; and 
  • support best practices. 

REALTORS® can help protect the copyright of BCREA Standard Forms that serve the profession. 

For more information on BCREA Standard Forms Terms of Use click here. (BCREA Access login required) 

BCREA has developed numerous resources to assist you with keeping up to date on the latest information on the Standard Forms Resource Centre

To access the most current versions of the Standard Forms, please visit WEBForms® here

For any additional information or questions please contact the BCREA Standard Forms department can be reached at [email protected]

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