What’s Up (With the) Dock? #479

Legally Speaking

By Jennifer CleeB.A. LL.B. Waterfront properties with private docks are looking attractive at this time of the year, particularly with the weather we’ve been enjoying this summer. Licensees involved in the sale of such properties need to be aware of, and inform their clients of, the possibility that any dock or other structures built upon

Being Sued is No Fun! #438

Legally Speaking

By Jennifer Clee We all know that being sued for allegedly failing to fulfill legal and/or professional responsibilities can be traumatic, but it can also be time consuming and consequently, expensive. A recent decision of our Provincial Court illustrates how legal proceedings involving relatively straightforward legal issues can morph into protracted and strenuous battles.1 The

Caveat Emptor – Buyers’ Due Diligence; s.39 of the Real Estate Act and the Power to Impose a Penalty for Frivolous Lawsuits #369

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A. LL.B. A buyer who bought a waterfront home subsequently sued the listing agency and salesperson in the Victoria small claims court for negligently misrepresenting the garage size and stating that the kitchen cabinetry was made of cherry wood. She complained the garage was not long enough to hold a standard sized car