Timing is Everything #501

One often hears the phrase “timing is everything.” In a recent case,1 a pair of unfortunate buyers found that out the hard way. The buyers entered into a Contract of Purchase and Sale (CPS) to acquire a residential property. The parties used the standard form residential CPS, although no REALTORS® were involved. The purchase price

Timing is Everything #482

In today’s busy marketplace, there is a greater risk of mistakes being made regarding dates and times in a contract, amendment, or other agreement for the sale or lease of land. It is of critical importance that licensees carefully review agreement terms with their clients to avoid simple, but costly date and/or time errors. Have

“Time is of the Essence” Means “Time is of the Essence” #412

Legally Speaking

By Edward L. Wilson Lawson Lundell LLP Many REALTORS® assist buyers in locating and negotiating the purchase of new condominiums in pre-build situations. The developer’s form of contract is generally used and such contracts often provide for staged deposits, often over long periods, which invariably contain “time is of the essence” clauses. A buyer entered