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Market Intelligence

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More Trouble Than It Is Worth – Analyzing the Impacts and Consequences of the Provincial Flipping Tax

In this Market Intelligence, we will look at the potential impact of this policy on the BC housing market and draw out some of its potential consequences.

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Auckland’s Housing Supply Experiment: What Does it Mean for British Columbia’s Homes for People Plan?

In this market intelligence, we take the example of Auckland as indicative of what a policy of aggressive housing liberalization and upzoning could achieve in the BC housing market.

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A Brief Note on New Listings Activity in 2023

In this Market Intelligence, we show that the pattern of new listings we see is, in fact, a usual outcome of current market dynamics and underlying economic fundamentals.

Unprecedented Pace of Construction Needed to Offset the Impact of Record Immigration to BC

BCREA’s latest Market Intelligence report forecasts that two significant federal government policies– the Foreign Buyers Ban and record-high immigration targets– will shape housing demand in BC over the next three years.

A Guide to Recessions and the BC Housing Market

The latest Market Intelligence report summarizes how past Canadian recessions have impacted the BC economy and housing market and look forward to how the BC housing market may perform during a potential 2023 recession.

New BC Real Estate Association Report Estimates Impacts of Increased Supply on BC Housing Market

BCREA’s latest Market Intelligence Report finds that policies designed to streamline the development cycle are effective at mitigating demand shocks and corresponding price increases. 

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