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The BCREA Blog is a platform for sharing the latest education news, economics statistics, issues relating to the profession and links to valuable resources for REALTORS®, stakeholders and the public.

  • BCREA seeks professional accounting firm

    Published Jul 17, 2019
    BCREA is accepting proposals from professional accounting firms to provide audit services for our organization. To be considered, please submit a written proposal to [email protected].
  • Wildfire season and home insurance

    Published Jun 12, 2019
    This year's wildfire season has already begun and, as a REALTOR®, you can help protect your clients by reminding them of the importance of home insurance, both year-round and when buying or selling a home.
  • Clause for concern?

    Published Mar 22, 2019
    Why REALTORS® don’t have to worry about including a clause in a contract of purchase and sale that specifies that a buyer won’t be held liable for the Speculation and Vacancy Tax (SVT).
  • Invasive species: When that little squirrel becomes a big problem

    Published Feb 27, 2019
    Whether you're a REALTOR® conducting business on Vancouver Island, or northern BC, understanding what invasive species are found in your area is the first step in helping your client avoid the associated risks.
  • Organized real estate wants you!

    Published Jan 08, 2019
    We are looking for several REALTORS® and other professionals to sit on our Board of Directors and help set the organization’s strategic focus, engage in meaningful discussion about the future of the profession and provide direction to BCREA’s CEO and staff on priority projects.
    • Education

    The role of REALTORS® in helping the government stop money laundering

    Published Jan 04, 2019
    There are a lot of myths out there about REALTORS®, real estate transactions and money laundering. Unfortunately, the public has nowhere to go get unbiased information about REALTORS®’ roles in identifying criminal activity.
  • Have Your Say: Electoral Reform

    Published Nov 20, 2018
    FPTP? Pro-rep? These strange terms are related to the 2018 Referendum on Electoral Reform, which is underway until November 30. Please take the time to learn about the different models and then to submit your voting package.
  • Tell the government how the ban on LDA has impacted you

    Published Nov 15, 2018
    British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) invites BC’s REALTORS® to tell the government how the ban on limited dual agency (LDA) has impacted them through our online survey. The government is listening. We need your stories to share. The survey closes on Tuesday, November 27 at 5 pm.
  • Cannabis Cultivation: Conversations for REALTORS® and Homeowners

    Published Nov 09, 2018
    On October 17, it became legal for Canadians to grow cannabis in their own homes. Still, just because it is legal, it doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Read more on the implications for homeowners and buyers, and questions REALTORS® may receive from clients who want to grow cannabis.
    • Government Relations

    Changes to Property Transfer Tax Return

    Published Sep 17, 2018
    Changes to the Property Transfer Tax (PTT) return are now in effect. These changes are expected to provide the BC Government with better tools to ensure property buyers are not evading taxes they owe and increase evidence of true real estate ownership.
    • Government Relations

    Responding to Rule Changes

    Published Jan 18, 2018
    As you know, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia is preparing to implement the rule changes to eliminate limited dual agency and require additional disclosures. Those changes take effect on March 15, 2018, and the decision to change the rules came from the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate, which has oversight over the Council.
    • Practical Points

    Income Sprinkling Restrictions Simplified

    Published Jan 11, 2018
    On December 13, the federal Minister of Finance announced a plan to simplify changes to the Income Tax Act. For the 2018 tax year, several categories of business owners will be exempt from the new rules on income sprinkling.
    • Government Relations

    New Study on Profitability of Rental Housing

    Published Jan 04, 2018
    According to a recent study, purpose-built rental apartments often bring low returns, but these projects continue to be in demand.
  • National Housing Strategy Aligns With BCREA Positions

    Published Dec 15, 2017
    On November 22, the federal government released its new National Housing Strategy. The strategy commits $40 billion over ten years through federal funding, provincial and territorial grant matching and low-interest loans.
  • Latest Development in REALTOR® Safety

    Published Dec 07, 2017
  • Revised PTT Return

    Published Nov 21, 2017
    As of November 27, 2017, the BC Government will require a new version (version 29) of the Property Transfer Tax (PTT) return. The following new information will be collected by lawyers and notaries when completing the PTT return:
  • Update on Changes to the Income Tax Act

    Published Nov 02, 2017
    In July 2017, the federal government announced far-reaching changes to the Income Tax Act that would affect private corporations.
    • Government Relations

    Mortgage Underwriting Changes Could Harm Homebuyers

    Published Oct 27, 2017
    On October 17, the federal Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) announced new restrictions on uninsured mortgages.
  • Consumer Rights and Real Estate Practice

    Published Oct 24, 2017
    In early September, the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate published draft rule to real estate practice. This action flows from the June 2016 Independent Advisory Group report.
    • Government Relations

    BCREA’s Response to Regulating Cannabis in BC

    Published Oct 19, 2017