Nov 01, 2023

BCREA's Commitment to Excellence Rewarded with 2023 ARELLO Awards

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By Ivonne García,
Editorial and Content Specialist

BCREA has won two Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) awards recognizing outstanding communication systems and educational programs related to real estate regulation and practice in North America. BCREA was recognized with the Education Award in the Miscellaneous category for its Standard Forms Resource Centre; and the Education Award in the Post-License/Continuing Education Course category with The Home Buyer Rescission Period: What REALTORS® Need to Know course. Both winners were essential to BCREA’s commitment to providing timely, relevant, and impactful resources to BC’s eight real estate boards and 26,000+ REALTORS®. 

ARELLO is an international organization with a mission to support the administration and enforcement of real estate license laws. Every year, ARELLO presents awards to members for exemplary leadership in areas of real estate regulation or related services.

Awarded courses, programs, services and resources must contribute to the real estate industry, promote public protection, and be adapted to benefit licensees and consumers, as well as excel in four areas: concept, methodology, quality, and benefits. 

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The Home Buyer Rescission Period: What REALTORS® Need to Know Course

The Home Buyer Rescission Period: What REALTORS® Need to Know course covers the specifics of the Home Buyer Rescission Period Regulation, equipping REALTORS® with a strong foundation required to address the needs of their clients. REALTORS® taking this course will mainly find useful the various scenarios that walk through exercising the right of rescission.

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • identify the key elements of the new legislation, including the length of the rescission period;
  • provide required disclosures of the rescission rights to their clients;
  • calculate the rescission amount properly;
  • explain how the deposits are handled, in accordance with the Regulation;
  • fill out appropriate forms to be compliant with the new requirements and
  • identify strategies for managing brokers to mitigate risks.

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Standard Forms Resource Centre

BCREA's Standard Forms Resource Centre is an innovative solution for REALTORS® and managing brokers in BC, and a valuable risk management tool for REALTORS®.

The Standard Forms Toolkits incorporate many comprehensive resources in the Standard Forms Resource Centre. Available tools include:

  • Introduction to the Form: provides an overview of the forms and how and when they are typically used.
  • Instructional Videos:  for REALTORS® and consumer-focused videos they can share with their consumers.
  • Annotated Forms: breaks down each of the terms of the forms and what they mean.
  • How to Complete: provides REALTORS® with an understanding of what information is required in each section.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: a list of the most common questions and answers about BCREA Standard Forms and how to use them.
  • Professional Development Opportunities:  links to courses that offer more content on related forms.

Since October 15, 2023, BCREA’s Standard Forms Toolkits migrated from the Standard Forms Resource Centre to BCREA Access. This transition is set to deliver a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for REALTORS®. You can access BCREA’s Standard Forms Toolkits at: /access/toolkits/.

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Author profile photo
By Ivonne García,
Editorial and Content Specialist

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