BCREA 2022-2024 Strategic Plan

Learn more about our roadmap for 2022-2024, focusing on leadership, collaboration, flexibility, and commitment to elevate sector standards.

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Our Motivations

The BCREA 2022 – 2024 strategic plan is designed to:

  • Foster thought leadership and collaboration.
  • Contribute to a strong, resilient real estate system.
  • Ensure that REALTORS® continue to have the skills and resources to adapt to market, regulatory, and societal change.
  • Position the profession as a knowledgeable champion of consumer protection.
  • Bring lasting value to member boards and REALTORS®.
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Goal 1

Amplify member boards’ individual and collective impact by advancing thought-leadership and collaboration and providing resources that help member boards add value to their members.


  • Facilitate collaboration on shared priorities and real estate industry issues.
  • Provide resources based on our core services that member boards can integrate into their own approaches to supporting REALTOR® professionalism.
  • Provide leadership on emerging societal and industry issues as they pertain to the real estate sector to position member boards, BCREA and REALTORS® as good corporate citizens.
  • Promote organizational alignment between BCREA, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and member boards to become a more focused and nimbler member-based association.
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Goal 2

Lead a collective voice for advocacy and sectoral expertise, while serving as a trusted authority on housing and practice matters.


  • Establish a framework that brings together the efforts of the association and member boards to collaborate and advocate with a unified voice on housing and practice related matters.
  • Publicly advocate for the ongoing development and maintenance of an effective, transparent, and accountable regulatory framework to ensure REALTORS® voices are heard.
  • Advocate for more effective and relevant licensing education.
  • Collaborate with member boards and CREA to build out a grass roots plan and advocacy structure to expand REALTOR® involvement in advocacy.
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Goal 3

Anticipate and shape opportunities to enhance REALTOR® professionalism and build public trust in the profession.


  • Establish and promote a shared understanding of “professionalism.”
  • Research managing brokers’ needs and develop resources to help them better meet compliance and regulatory requirements, while contributing to a strong managing broker community.
  • Support new entrants to the profession through tailored professional development and practice resources.
  • Increase public trust in real estate transactions and better position REALTORS® as knowledgeable, reliable advisors.
  • Establish a definable and measurable consumer sentiment target by 2023.
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Goal 4

Provide outstanding value to member boards and REALTORS® through cost-effective delivery of relevant and impactful core services.


  • Pursue initiatives that add meaningful value by regularly measuring, benchmarking, and internal and external reporting on outcomes across core services.
  • Develop and maintain innovative and responsive professional development programming that supports REALTORS® throughout their careers.
  • Complete a comprehensive investigation with at least two provinces to determine the feasibility of the sale and/or licensing of BCREA education assets.
  • Continue to develop standard forms resources that support REALTOR® professionalism and enhance consumer trust in real estate transactions.
  • Continue to produce industry leading thought leadership on economic and housing trends in the province.
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Goal 5

Pursue organizational excellence through stewardship of BCREA’s human capital and financial resources and acommitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.


  • Attract and retain outstanding staff by providing a rewarding and supportive work environment, engagement and growth opportunities, competitive compensation, and work/life balance.
  • Increase ability to anticipate and plan for staff turnover by establishing a purposeful, transparent approach to staff development and goal setting.
  • Champion equity, diversity and inclusion through our own staff and board recruitment strategies and regular equity, diversity and inclusion training.
  • Ensure financial stability of the association through a commitment to delivering unparalleled value to member boards and REALTORS®.
  • Exemplify our values in everything that we do.

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