BCREA BC’s Homebuyer Protection Period: What’s Next for REALTORS®?
by British Columbia Real Estate Association
Jul 28, 2022
Economics BCREA 2022 Second Quarter Housing Forecast
by Brendon Ogmundson May 31, 2022
Advocacy BC Real Estate Association named Great Place to Work® in Canada for 2022
by British Columbia Real Estate Association Jun 29, 2022
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  • BCREA Nowcast
    The BCREA Nowcast estimate of provincial economic growth (expressed as year-over-year growth in real GDP) for June 2022 is 5.3 per cent. 
    Posted Jul 29, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • BC’s Homebuyer Protection Period: What’s Next for REALTORS®?
    REALTORS® are at the front lines of real estate transactions in BC, so a change in the way transactions are conducted will have an impact on how your serve your clients. 
  • Getting to Informed Consent: Explaining Listing Agreements to Clients #551
    Better serve your clients when you fully understand listing contract agreements and can thoroughly explain key details before they put pen to paper. 
    Posted Jul 28, 2022
    by Peter Borszcz
  • UPDATE: COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard
    The BCREA Economics team has created the COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard to help REALTORS® monitor BC’s economic recovery. 
    Posted Jul 27, 2022
    by Ryan McLaughlin
  • Updated Online Anti-Money Laundering Course Now Available for REALTORS®
    Learn about what is required by FINTRAC to ensure that your practice complies with regulations and laws in this updated self-paced online course by the Canadian Real Estate Association. 
    Posted Jul 27, 2022
    by Pearl Zhou
  • BC Government to Implement Homebuyer Protection Period in January 2023
    The BC Government has created regulations that will enable a mandatory three-day Homebuyer Protection Period, previously called a “cooling off period,” on January 1, 2023. 
    Posted Jul 21, 2022
    by British Columbia Real Estate Association
  • Housing Market Update – July 2022
    Watch BCREA Chief Economist Brendon Ogmundson discuss the June 2022 statistics. 
    Posted Jul 15, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • Markets at a Glance
    These charts provide year-to-date information on the pace of MLS® home sales for the province as well as in each of the BCREA member board regions and a comparison of current year sales… 
    Posted Jul 12, 2022
    by Ryan McLaughlin
  • High Mortgage Rates Keeping Potential Buyers Sidelined
    BCREA reports that a total of 7,136 residential unit sales were recorded by the MLS® in June 2022, a decrease of 35.7 per cent from June 2021. 
    Posted Jul 12, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • New Online Course Explores Systems Used in Residential Construction
    Know your Product: House Systems is a new self-paced online course that provides a comprehensive introduction to the systems used in residential construction equipping Realtors with tools to better assist clients. 
    Posted Jun 30, 2022
    by Harveen Dhaliwal
  • BC REALTORS® Meet In-Person Again at the Association of Interior REALTORS® Tradeshow
    From June 22-23, BCREA staff participated in the inaugural Association of Interior REALTORS® tradeshow in sunny Penticton, BC. 
    Posted Jun 30, 2022
    by Pearl Zhou
  • Use Your Name Wisely #550
    Despite good intentions, there are limits to how far a REALTOR® should go to help a colleague when it comes to business collaborations and opportunities. 
    Posted Jun 30, 2022
    by Amy Peck
  • BC Real Estate Association named Great Place to Work® in Canada for 2022
    The 2022 Great Place to Work® designation marks the third consecutive year BCREA has received this accreditation.  
    Posted Jun 29, 2022
    by British Columbia Real Estate Association
  • BC Government Releases Cullen Commission Final Report and Recommendations
    On Wednesday, June 15, the BC Government publicly released the final report and recommendations from the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering BC. 
    Posted Jun 16, 2022
    by Shaheed Devji
  • Mortgage Rate Forecast
    Canadian 5-year fixed mortgage rates have already sling-shotted to 4.69 per cent as elevated inflation continues to drive interest rate expectations. 
    Posted Jun 16, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • Rising Mortgage Rates Continue to Slow Market Activity
    BCREA reports that a total of 8,214 residential unit sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® in May 2022, a decrease of 35.1 per cent from May 2021.  
    Posted Jun 13, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • BCREA’s New Professional Services Manager Reflects on State of BC’s Real Estate Sector
    Meet BCREA’s new Professional Services Manager, Jim McCaughan, to learn more about his role, experience and what he believes BC Realtors should know moving forward. 
    Posted Jun 09, 2022
    by Pearl Zhou
  • CLI Rises in First Quarter 2022
    The BCREA Commercial Leading Indicator rose to 154 from 150 in the first quarter of 2022, recovering most of the ground lost over the prior two quarters.  
    Posted Jun 02, 2022
    by Ryan McLaughlin
  • BCREA 2022 Second Quarter Housing Forecast: Sharply Higher Mortgage Rates Will Slow Housing Activity in BC Through 2023
    In its 2022 Second Quarter Housing Forecast, BCREA reports that MLS® residential sales in the province are forecast to decline 22 per cent from a record high 2021 to 97,240 units this year. 
    Posted May 31, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • Success of Real Estate Consumer Protection Measures Hinges on Next Steps by BC Government and Real Estate Regulator
    After reviewing the BCFSA consumer protection recommendations published on May 26, the BCREA urges the Ministry of Finance to carefully consider the next steps prior to implementing any of the measures proposed.  
    Posted May 30, 2022
    by British Columbia Real Estate Association
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes Concerning the Foreign Buyers’ Tax #549
    A recent BC Supreme Court decision highlights the potential risks for REALTORS® working with buyers whose residency or citizenship status is unknown or has recently changed. 
    Posted May 26, 2022
    by Oana Hyatt
  • BC REALTORS® Advocate for Better Consumer Protections During 2022 Government Liaison Days
    On May 10 and 11, many REALTORS® from across BC convened to discuss government liaison issues and met with their local MLAs.  
  • BCREA Standard Forms Housekeeping Amendments Spring 2022
    On May 16, 2022, BCREA released several standard forms housekeeping amendments through CREA’s WEBForms®. Here’s a summary of the standard forms and revisions that are in the housekeeping amendments. 
    Posted May 18, 2022
    by Jim McCaughan
  • Resources to Help REALTORS® and Your Clients Navigate Extreme Climate
    Be prepared for unexpected wildfires and flooding this season. 
    Posted May 13, 2022
    by Pearl Zhou
  • BC Home Sales Trending Toward Normal Activity
    BCREA reports that a total of 8,939 residential unit sales were recorded by the MLS® in  April 2022, a decrease of 34.9 per cent from a record April 2021. 
    Posted May 12, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • BC Real Estate Boards Named Finalists for 2022 Real Estate Land Awards
    The Real Estate Foundation of BC recently announced the finalists for its 2022 Land Awards recognizing outstanding projects and standout leaders in the province.  
    Posted May 09, 2022
    by Pearl Zhou
  • New BC Real Estate Association Report Estimates Impacts of Increased Supply on BC Housing Market
    BCREA’s latest Market Intelligence Report finds that policies designed to streamline the development cycle are effective at mitigating demand shocks and corresponding price increases.  
    Posted May 03, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • Federal Budget 2022: Taxation of Property Flipping, GST and Assignment Sales #548 
    The proposed federal budget for 2022 has introduced a number of new rules relating to real estate, including rules to dampen speculation in the market. REALTORS® should be aware of these changes. 
    Posted Apr 28, 2022
    by Peter Borszcz
  • Inflation and the Rising Trend of Underinsured Claims: Tips for REALTORS®
    There has been a growing trend of underinsured claims across personal and commercial property lines over the past two years due to inflation and the rise material costs. 
    Posted Apr 28, 2022
    by Pearl Zhou
  • Five Things REALTORS® Should Know About Real Estate and the Economy
    Here are five learning outcomes that Realtors should know about real estate and the economy from Economics for REALTORS®: How to Apply Economic Data and Trends to Help Your Clients. 
    Posted Apr 19, 2022
    by Mackenzie Smith
  • Safety and Manufactured Homes Pilot Project: Resources for Sellers and Buyers
    This pilot project is the collective effort of the BCREA, Association of Interior REALTORS® and Technical Safety BC. 
    Posted Apr 14, 2022
    by British Columbia Real Estate Association
  • Strong First Quarter for BC Housing Markets, But Rising Rates Loom Large
    The British Columbia Real Estate Associatio reports that a total of 11,463 residential unit sales were recorded by the MLS® in March 2022, a decrease of 24.1 per cent from a record March 2021. 
    Posted Apr 12, 2022
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • How the 2022 Federal Budget Impacts BC Real Estate
    On April 7, Budget 2022 was introduced with a significant focus on the supply and affordability of housing in Canada.  
  • Cybersecurity Tips for REALTORS®: Multifactor Authentication
    Ensuring your digital accounts are secure online prevents hackers from obtaining not just your sensitive information, but also private client information. 
    Posted Apr 08, 2022
    by Pearl Zhou

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