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Apr 02, 2024

BCREA Public Website and BCREA Access Get a New Look

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By Ivonne García,
Editorial and Content Specialist

At BCREA, by working in collaboration with the province’s real estate boards, our mission is to empower BC REALTORS® by providing the resources and support they need to excel in their profession. With this commitment in mind, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming redesign of BCREA’s public website and BCREA Access on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

This redesign aims to enhance the user experience and provide more targeted content to our diverse audiences. Through improved segmentation, we can cater specifically to the needs of both the public and our valued REALTOR® community.

In this blog post, we will address frequently asked questions about the redesign and explain some of the enhanced functionality you can expect from these updated platforms.

1. What’s the benefit of having segmented audiences?

So you can access what you need when you need it. Just in time, just for you. Having a clear path around what content to deliver to whom and on which platform allows for tailored user experiences, which leads to better wayfinding of information, making navigating available resources smooth, easy, and efficient.

2. When and how can I access the new sites?

The redesigned BCREA public website and BCREA Access will be available on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Go to bcrea.bc.ca/access and use the same CREA REALTOR.ca Single Sign-On login information as usual. We recommend bookmarking this page to find it easily anytime you are on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

For the public website, just visit bcrea.bc.ca.

3. What highlights should I know about regarding the new BCREA Access site?

We’re excited that ALL the Professional Development and Standard Forms content that currently exists on our public site will be packing up, moving over, and making a home on BCREA Access. This will give you a complete hub, providing easier access to all their services and materials.

4. Where should I go for Professional Development information?

The brand-new Professional Development page details BCREA’s Professional Development Program, differences between Accredited and Self-Directed development, FAQ PDFs, and video resources. You'll also find an Explore Course page (formerly known as the Calendar of Accredited Courses page) with descriptions, dates, and registration for online and instructor-led courses, our BCREA Course Catalogue, and a Library of Accredited Courses from various sources in BC.

5. What about Standard Forms? Where do I look for that?

The Standard Forms section will include: Standard Forms Toolkits with interactive training guides, the Revision Request Form, a resources page with PDFs like the Standard Forms Resources Index and Clause Catalogue, and InFormBot, our chat-bot like tool to guide you through commonly used standard forms during transactions.

6. What changes can I expect on the BCREA public website?

BCREA’s public resources, valuable to audiences beyond the REALTOR® community, will be published on our public site. Tailoring this information to this audience will help us meet their needs and interests. The following resources will be housed on the public site:

  • Information about our advocacy efforts, policy positions, and consultations from a consumer perspective. The REALTOR® perspective about these topics will all be on BCREA Access;
  • Economic insights and publications and thought leadership pieces;
  • A brand-new section that offers an overview of Real Estate in BC, insights on the value of REALTORS® for consumers, and resources and tips for prospective buyers or sellers;
  • Information on becoming a REALTOR® and the first steps for new REALTORS®;
  • A resource hub with our leading publications like Legally Speaking, Open House newsletter, Open House podcast, and media releases;
  • BCREA’s mission, vision, and core services, along with information about our Board of Directors and volunteer opportunities; and
  • Tax and Home Buyer Rescission Period calculators.

You can get more answers to your questions about the upcoming changes in our FAQ document:

Stay tuned for our brand new BCREA website and BCREA Access launch on Tuesday, April 30, 2024!

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By Ivonne García,
Editorial and Content Specialist

Welcome to our new home!

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