Apr 04, 2022

Join BCREA’s Managing Broker Advisory Committee: Applications Now Open

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By Pearl Zhou,
Communications Coordinator

BCREA is seeking managing or associate brokers to serve on the Managing Broker Advisory Committee. As a Committee member, you will be involved in meaningful discussions, identifying opportunities and providing recommendations about how BCREA, through its core services can best support managing brokers and the profession to ensure BCREA is driving value.

The Committee is seeking diverse representation and perspectives including managing brokers or associate brokers from different sized brokerages, broker owners, experienced and early career brokers, brokers with experience in commercial, government relations and/or professional development, and more.

Serving on the Managing Broker Advisory Committee is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people, share and gain knowledge, and a chance to continue to give back to the profession in a meaningful way.

(Applications are currently closed.)

Committee Member Role:

The Committee member will provide a wealth of relevant knowledge, expertise, and perspectives through their practice and consultation with stakeholders.  An overview of what the Committee member will do in the role includes: 

  • identify  issues and opportunities that:
    • may have an impact on the profession,
    • falls into BCREA’s core services,
    • enhance REALTOR® professionalism,
    • and support managing brokers,
  • discuss, exchange information and share perspectives about the real estate markets and any key developments;
  •  provide insights and practical expertise on topics as requested by BCREA; 
  • and make recommendations to BCREA to move the profession forward.  


Please refer to the Managing Brokers Advisory Committee Terms of Reference for the complete description of responsibilities and expectations. (BCREA Access login required)

BCREA will be looking for candidates that reflect the diversity of our members and welcome applicants of all backgrounds, including visible and non-visible minorities and persons with disabilities.

Members of the BCREA Managing Broker Advisory Committee are expected to attend a minimum three meetings per year, that will be conducted either in person or via video conferencing. Committee members are appointed for a one-year term.

(Applications are currently closed.)

If you have any questions regarding the opportunity to serve on the Managing Broker Advisory Committee, please contact the Chairs of the BCREA Managing Broker Committee at [email protected].

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Author profile photo
By Pearl Zhou,
Communications Coordinator

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