Restructuring at BCREA

Mar 15, 2018



In late 2017, BCREA and our member boards collectively decided to reduce the provincial association's REALTOR® dues by 38 per cent, while maintaining the same level of quality in our core services: advocacy, economics, standard forms, interboard commission dispute arbitration, communications and education. The dues reduction takes effect on April 1, and the necessary staff restructuring occurred in late February.

It's impossible for an association of our size to make such a significant cut to our budget without having to let some staff members go. These decisions were not easy to make, and they were not made lightly.

The member boards said that BCREA was too "top-heavy" and so we've reduced the number of senior staff by combining departments. As we restructure, we'll also reduce our use of consultants and bring in new staff to fill the gaps. We're also reviewing new options for premises as our lease expires on November 30.

BCREA is in a transitional period. Under the direction of newly-appointed CEO Darlene Hyde, we've listened and done what we think is best to ensure we continue to provide value to our member boards and REALTORS®. There's sure to be an adjustment period as we settle into our new roles, but we want to assure you BCREA will continue to provide our core services.

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BCREA Public Website Preview
BCREA Public Website Preview
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