Selling Tenant Occupied Properties (STOP)

In Selling Tenant-Occupied Properties, REALTORS® will work though the listing, showing, and selling process for residential tenanted properties.

By the end of this course, learners will know what the legal requirements are when showing properties, when to use the correct standard Contract of Purchase and Sale tenancy clauses, and what the correct procedures and timelines are for giving notice. They will understand and be able to identify the risks surrounding possession dates and the assumption of an existing tenancy, a tenant's right to quiet enjoyment versus the owner's right to access, and owners/landlords giving notice when they may not follow through.

This course also explores the differences between a trading service licence and a rental property management licence, ensuring REALTORS® only act within the bounds of their licence. Lastly, this course reminds REALTORS® of how the Real Estate Services Act and the Residential Tenancy Act dictate their actions and responsibilities.