Risk Management: Protecting Yourself, Your Client and Your Business

In Risk Management: Protecting Yourself, Your Client and Your Business, REALTORS® will discuss the inherent risks within real estate; review their E&O Indemnity Plan; learn the basic principles of risk management; and identify business, compliance, client management, and property risks.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to anticipate, evaluate, manage, and apply preventative measures to risks associated with their professional and business routines. They will also be able to spot red flags, using the checklists provided, and know when it is best to treat, transfer, terminate, or tolerate a risk they are facing. REALTORS® will be able to apply the Risk Management Action Plan to their own risky situations to determine the best strategy and method of addressing each risk.

This course will also clarify coverage and exemptions under the Real Estate Errors & Omissions Insurance Indemnity Plan and provide REALTORS® with other real estate resources to assist.