Foreclosures and Court Ordered Sales

In Foreclosures and Court Ordered Sales, REALTORS® will discuss mortgages and mortgages in default, the steps in a foreclosure proceeding and other court ordered sales, and the people side of foreclosures. This course focuses on foreclosures as a new specialization but also provides an opportunity to refresh one's knowledge and engage in peer-to-peer learning.

By the end of this course, learners will understand the basic steps involved in a residential foreclosure proceeding and be able to navigate more complex foreclosures issues such as home insurance lapses, uncooperative owners, destruction of property, and tenanted properties.

This course also teaches REALTORS® how to present an offer to the court and handle multiple-offer situations that may arise. REALTORS® will learn the value of working with lawyers, bailiffs, and other professionals during the foreclosure process to mitigate the risks inherent in listing and selling foreclosure properties.


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