Managing Disclosures

In Managing Disclosures, REALTORS® will discuss the risks involved with what they disclose, to whom they disclose, and when they disclose. REALTORS® will study the origins and obligations of disclosure, the legislation and rules governing their disclosure obligations, the proper management side of the disclosure process, and the penalties given and remedies available when disclosure is not properly made.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to explain the benefits and risks of full and proper disclosure, list the fiduciary duties associated with disclosure, explain how fiduciary duties affect a REALTOR®'s conduct; and demonstrate how to mitigate risk through disclosure.

This course emphasizes the development of analytical skills to manage real-life situations by focusing on practical, hands-on scenarios where REALTORS® can increase their awareness of risks, loopholes, and mitigation strategies. REALTORS® are also encouraged to talk with colleagues and check with their managing brokers for feedback and guidance.


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