Essentials of Title Search: How to Order, Read, and Understand Title

In Essentials of Title Search: How to Order, Read, and Understand Title, REALTORS® will learn how to read and understand title searches, explore title searches within myLTSA, utilize new services in myLTSA, and comprehend historical title searches.

By the end of this course, learners will know the fundamental "how-tos" of title searching, have experience reviewing sample titles and charges, and be able to detect the warning signs of potential problems that might arise upon review of the land title. REALTORS® will also learn of other services offered by the Land Title Survey Authority office that could benefit their overall business.

This course helps REALTORS® ensure that they are dealing with the person(s) who has/have the right to sell the property; that the property is accurately described; and that all pertinent information, with respect to the title and registered encumbrances, is communicated to prospective buyers so that they are not misled.