Assignments of Contracts of Purchase and Sale

In Assignments of Contracts of Purchase and Sale, REALTORS® will study the legislation pertaining to assignments, including the Law and Equity Act and Real Estate Services Act, and the Assignment Agreement form to gain an in-depth understanding of what contracts are assignable, how to assign contracts, and how to protect their clients in an assignment.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to draft contracts of purchase and sale to prohibit, restrict, or allow assignment on specified conditions; draft an Assignment Agreement to allocate and minimize risk; and structure assignments to address client needs. They will also understand how to address complicating factors, such as deposit protection insurance, when drafting assignments.

In addition, this course ensures REALTORS® are comfortable with the newly-amended Assignment Agreement through an in-depth look at each clause. REALTORS® are reminded of the additional risks and unique challenges of practicing assignments in commercial and residential real estate.