Disclosures in Real Estate

In Disclosures in Real Estate (DIRE), REALTORS® will study the mandatory disclosure requirements established by common law, statute law, and the industry's professional standards. They will delve into the disclosures required when establishing agency, working with unrepresented parties, managing conflicts of interest, offering dual agency, revealing an interest in trade, and gathering personal information. This course will also cover mandatory property disclosures, disclosures in advertising, and the disclosing of remuneration.

By the end of this course, learners will understand their disclosure obligations when working with buyers and sellers. They will be able to name the mandatory disclosure forms required by BCFSA and the standard forms provided by BCREA to assist Realtors in making disclosures. DIRE also provides learners with practical scenarios and the 4D formula (decide, disclose, document, demonstrate) so learners will be able to better navigate more complex disclosures in their daily practice.

This course offers a thorough overview of the disclosures required when working in the real estate industry. It further reminds Realtors of the high standards they are expected to meet when providing trading services and of the risks associated with failing to meet those standards when making disclosures.

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