Economics for REALTORS®: How to Apply Economic Data and Trends to Help Your Clients

In "Economics for REALTORS®: How to Apply Economic Data and Trends to Help Your Clients", REALTORS® will learn how the real estate market interacts with the broader economy. More specifically, the course will discuss economic factors that affect housing supply and demand, the impact of government policies on real estate markets, as well as refer learners to various reports that provide up-to-date information related to economics.


This course is authored by Brendon Ogmundson of the British Columbia Real Estate Association. Realtors taking this course will find particularly useful detailed explanations of economic graphs. Through interactive elements built into the course, Realtors will appreciate a better understanding of statistics and ultimately become better real estate professionals.


After completing this course, learners will be able to:


·        describe how changing supply and demand impacts home prices,

·        analyze the impact of government policy on prices and housing affordability,

·        describe various measures of housing supply,

·        apply market metrics like the sales to active listings ratio to gauge the direction of home prices.


The primary goal of this course is to enhance the standard of professional competency in how Realtors assist their clients and protect their best interests during the home buying or home selling experience, particularly in the area of economics.

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