Introduction to Disclosures in Real Estate

Explore the fundamental aspects of real estate disclosures in Introduction to Disclosures in Real Estate. Aimed at new REALTORS® embarking on their real estate journeys, this course covers the intricacies of mandatory disclosure requirements set forth by common law, statute law, and professional industry sector standards. It delves into disclosure obligations when establishing agency relationships, navigating conflicts of interest, dealing with unrepresented parties, and managing dual agency scenarios. At the same time, the course extends to mandatory property disclosures, advertising considerations, and the disclosure of remuneration.


By the end of this course, learners will understand their disclosure obligations when working with buyers and sellers and will be able to name the mandatory disclosure forms required by the BC Financial Services Authority and the standard forms provided by BCREA to assist REALTORS® in making disclosures.


While this course briefly addresses disclosures under the Real Estate Development Marketing Act, it primarily caters to new REALTORS® who are less likely to represent developers. To learn more about disclosures or work in property management, an advanced course, Disclosures in Real Estate, is recommended for a more comprehensive exploration.

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