Know Your Product: House Systems

 Know Your Product: House Systems provides a comprehensive introduction to the systems used in residential construction that REALTORS® need to assist clients in making informed decisions. This course describes the major systems within a house, including electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, ventilation, and plumbing. This course’s special feature discusses the BC Energy Step Code and improvements that can be made to house systems to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.


This course aims to provide Realtors with foundational knowledge regarding the systems of a house and introduce an essential vocabulary for discussing a house’s systems and features.


Learners will leave this course with an improved ability to serve their clients and answer their questions regarding a house, its condition, and its potential. Realtors will also be better able to discuss current or potential problems with a property, provide a more accurate evaluation of a property considering the house’s condition, help their clients explore the pros and cons of any house that the client may be interested in, and identify when to consult other professionals for expert advice. Together, Know Your Product: House Structures and Know Your Product: House Systems provide an essential overview of what Realtors need to know about the product they sell.




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