Mastering Compliance: Anti-Money Laundering Training for Brokers Program

Mastering Compliance: Anti-Money Laundering Training for Brokers is a nine-week program combining online, self-paced learning with virtual classes. Learners must successfully complete all content modules and attend all the virtual classes during the nine-week period to earn their completion certificate.

This comprehensive program provides learners with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to master FINTRAC compliance, including:

·        how to foster a culture of compliance;

·        what roles the compliance officer, managing broker, brokerage, Realtors, and support staff play in establishing and maintaining compliance;

·        what FINTRAC’s requirements are for reporting and record-keeping and how to ensure the brokerages’ policies and procedures are compliant;

·        why identifying business risks in the context of money-laundering and terrorist financing is important and how to implement a risk-based approach;

·        when to report a suspicious transaction and how to file a suspicious transaction report;

·        how to develop and maintain a compliance training program;

·        who conducts an effectiveness review and what should be included; and

·        how to be prepared for a FINTRAC examination and address deficiencies.

The online, self-paced modules are complemented by three virtual classes hosted by BCREA and facilitated by lawyer Jacqueline Shinfield. These virtual classes provide a communal environment for networking, trading stories, collaborative problem solving, and peer support.

Upon completion of this program, learners will be able to implement effective brokerage compliance training; navigate a FINTRAC examination with confidence, identify and mitigate business risks related to money laundering, identify gaps and opportunities to improve brokerage policies and procedures, guide agents on how to file suspicious transaction reports, and adapt to upcoming compliance standards.

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