Radon for REALTORS®

Radon is a more pressing issue than ever, especially in real estate since its inclusion within the Property Disclosure Statement. As REALTORS® are expected to demonstrate competency and apply reasonable care and skill when providing real estate services to their client, including being knowledgeable about environmental conditions and taking appropriate steps to alert their clients of known health or environmental concerns, learning more about this invisible, odourless gas can help ensure you are taking the right steps for your clients.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • understand where radon comes from;
  • identify how radon enters a dwelling;
  • know what influences radon levels;
  • understand Canada's radon awareness initiatives;
  • identify applicable laws and emergent policies on radon in BC;
  • grasp radon matters in real estate transactions;
  • identify the role of REALTORS® around radon;
  • understand how a home can be tested for radon; and
  • share information on radon mitigation techniques with clients.

Although the primary goal of this course is to provide the radon knowledge REALTORS® need to support and guide clients through a real estate transaction, the information presented can also add value for the health and safety of clients and REALTORS® alike.

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