How Do I Handle This: A REALTOR® Survival Guide

In How Do I Handle This: A REALTOR® Survival Guide, REALTORS® will be introduced to the universal decision-making tool and taught how to apply this tool in various situations by working through real-life scenarios.

By the end of this course, learners will know and be able to apply the six steps of the universal decision-making tool: define your relationship, identify the situation, research, consider the implications/alternatives, what are the client’s instructions, and review. REALTORS® will also learn to use the four Ds (decide, disclose, demonstrate, and document) when defining their agency relationship and their client’s needs.

The course also provides REALTORS® with a REALTOR® Survival Guide of best practice suggestions for a myriad of situations that they will encounter during their careers. This guide will help REALTORS® find solutions that suit their clients' needs and are compliant with the Rules and applicable laws.

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