Land Types: Knowing More About the Products for Sale

In Land Types: Knowing More About the Products for Sale, REALTORS® will consider the legal perspective of products for sale, review the legislation and regulations affecting land types, and listen to “the REALTOR® perspective” of three colleagues discussing complex transactions they have encountered and giving helpful tips, resources, and advice for all REALTORS®.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to identify different land types, recall some of the legislation and legal constraints that impact different land types, and cite court cases demonstrating the impact on land types by various legislation including the Transportation Act, Islands Trust, Agricultural Land Reserve, and Heritage Conservation Act.

This course does not guarantee that REALTORS® will not run into complications when representing buyers and sellers who are interested in different land types. However, it will provide REALTORS® with options, resources, and tips that may help them spot and avoid or reduce future complications.

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