Manufactured Homes: What REALTORS® Need to Know

In Manufactured Homes: What REALTORS® Need to Know, REALTORS® will discover the regional issues surround manufactured homes; study the definitions, legislation, and requirements for manufactured homes; and explore helpful tools from the Technical Safety BC.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to identify regional perspectives and challenges regarding the buying or selling of manufactured homes, mobile homes, and modular homes. REALTORS® will know what to look for when determining whether there have been additions, modifications, or alterations to the manufactured home and how to navigate the process of determining whether a new or used manufactured home is ready to be listed

This course ensures REALTORS® are familiar with the legislation, requirements, and exemptions for manufactured homes based on the Manufactured Homes Act, the Electrical Safety Regulation and the BC Safety Standards Act. It also reviews the requirements for listing and selling a new or used manufactured home, transferring an interest in a manufactured home, and moving or transporting a manufactured home.

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