Multiple Offers: The Strategies, the Tactics, and the Game Plan

In Multiple Offers – The Strategies, the Tactics, and the Game Plan, REALTORS® will study the rules regarding multiple offers including how to manage pre-emptive or “bully offers”, how to properly communicate with both buyers and sellers in a multiple offer situation, how to document information and instructions from both buyer and seller clients, and how to effectively accept and manage back-up offers.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to identify the best practice strategies, tactics, and game plans to maximize their client’s results in a multiple offer situation and tailor their strategy to fit the agency relationship while following the buyer’s or seller’s lawful instructions.

This course stresses that multiple offer situations are never the same. When providing advice, REALTORS® must always act honestly, with reasonable care and skill, and ensure their actions conform to the Rules, the REALTOR® Code, and their real estate board’s policies/regulations. Remember: it is the REALTOR®’s job to advise but the client decides.

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