Negotiating and Presenting Offers

In Negotiating and Presenting Offers, REALTORS® will prepare for their role as a seller’s or buyer’s agent and learn the rights, roles, and responsibilities of each REALTOR® in presenting an offer. REALTORS® will also learn how to handle objections, revoke an offer, and make or receive a counter-offer while moving all parties towards acceptance.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to avoid common mistakes and handle objections with ease; increase the probability of all parties being agreeable to the price and terms in a contract of purchase and sale; develop tools to work more effectively with different personality types (the driver, the analyzer, the supporter, or the influencer); and feel more comfortable in the presentation of an offer and in multiple-offer situations.

This course ensures REALTORS® understand how applicable sections of the Professional Standards Manual, Real Estate Services Act, and the local real estate boards' practice guidelines dictate a REALTOR®'s actions and responsibilities when negotiating and presenting offers.