Professional Standards Enforcement: Practices and Procedures

In Professional Standards Enforcement: Practices and Procedures, REALTORS® will study the five elements of the complaint process: the initial handling of the complaint; the investigation; the determining of potential breaches; the hearing procedure; and how the decision is made.

By the end of this course, learners will know the guidelines that the Professional Conduct Committee members must follow when handling a complaint and the differences between complaints to the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and complaints to the Professional Conduct Committee. REALTORS® will also better understand a committee member’s duties and have a broader picture of the methods used for resolving disputes, though the procedure for handling complaints may vary from board to board.

In addition, this course intends to provide REALTORS® with a greater understanding of how they can help streamline the handling of complaints and the hearing process should a complaint be made against them.

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