Strata Talks 1 - Depreciation Reports for REALTORS®

In Strata Talks 1 – Depreciation Reports for REALTORS®, REALTORS® will learn the answers to the following questions: How did depreciation reports come to be and when is one required? What is a depreciation report? Who can prepare a depreciation report? When must a depreciation report be obtained? What should a REALTOR® do with a depreciation report? What else should a REALTOR® be checking in a depreciation report?

By the end of this course, learners will know “what to look for” when reviewing depreciation reports, especially regarding the strata corporation and potential financial obligations facing a prospective buyer. REALTORS® will have a better understanding of how the role of the REALTOR® is impacted by these reports.

This course also gives REALTORS® guidance in cases where the depreciation report is not current, has not been produced by a qualified person, has no insurance or sign of insurance present, has significant items missing from the inventory list, does not match the bylaws, does not provide three funding models, or indicates major expenditures in the short-term.

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